Prep HVAC Systems for the Cooler Months

Help Clients Prep Their HVAC Systems for the Cooler Months

The changing seasons make it easy to provide valuable information to new and existing customers – they’ll feel the cold weather and want to make sure their systems are running at maximum efficiency. Sharing some steps homeowners can take to get ready for the season helps position you as an expert, and ensures your customers know where to go when they need help.

4 Ways to Get Ready for Winter

Change Those Filters

It seems obvious to the HVAC pro, but for the rest of us, a reminder to change the filters in our home ensures that this routine maintenance task actually gets done. Reminding customers to change filters gives you something to talk about on social media and allows you to engage without asking for anything. Plus, if your customer gets a peek at those nasty, used-all-summer filters, they may be prompted to give you a call anyway!

Get an Inspection

The cold weather is an excellent reminder that the heating system will soon be in use. If you offer a maintenance plan, using a blog piece or even an ad pointing out the importance of a fall inspection is a must. For the homeowner, an inspection provides much-needed peace of mind that their home heating system will be ready to use and reliable. For the HVAC contractor, an inspection gives you the chance to make sure that your client has everything they need and to catch little problems before they become big problems. If you do discover a problem, you’ll have time to get the HVAC parts and supplies you need before your customer spends a single cold night at home.

Check for Drafts

Heating your home accounts for about 30% of your entire energy costs during the month, so drafts can get expensive in a hurry. For homeowners, spotting the ways warm air could escape the home helps keep that home comfortable and energy efficient. For HVAC contractors, prompting customers to proactively check for drafts is an easy engagement point and presents you as the expert you are.

Get an Indoor Air Checkup

Those clean filters only go so far; if you have allergies or are concerned about indoor air quality, it might be time for a tune-up. Customers who get a pre-season tune-up won’t have to wait in line when the cold arrives and can have peace of mind that even family members with allergies can breathe with ease. For contractors, having a supply of compressor parts and ductwork supplies on hand allows for instant response to customer demand.

The changing seasons are a tangible reminder of the need to comfort the home and care for the equipment within. For contractors, the new season provides a valuable opportunity to boost brand awareness, make contact and ensure that your customers know that you’re there for them when they need you most. At CE, we’re committed to offering you the best heating and cooling parts on the market – making it easier than ever to build your business, one successful season at a time.

home automation CE hvac

Home Automation

Home automation connects the devices in your home and allows them to “talk” to each other, efficient and convenient operation. From simple lightbulbs and kitchen appliances to the systems you use to keep your home at the right temperature, here are just a few of the ways homeowners can benefit from automation:

Unsurpassed Home Comfort

The HVAC system is at the heart of home automation; the ability to comfort the home and provide instant response to requests makes it easy to create an ideal and custom setting for the occupants. Home automation HVAC also serves another important purpose – energy conservation. Automated systems like Carrier’s Cor uses pre-set preferences to automatically adjust for optimal energy efficiency each day. Forget to turn something on or off? Your home automation system can be reached via smart phone, too! The right HVAC parts and supplies to support home automation are just a click away.


Any security camera or alarm that has Internet and wireless capabilities can also be wired into your home network. From smart doorbells that let you see who has arrived at your home (even if you are on vacation or at work) to cameras that give you an instant, real-time view of your home’s exterior and yard, your home security system can seamlessly integrate with your other automated devices. Home automation allows you to instantly increase the light and visibility in any area, or to turn lights on and off as needed – even when you are out of town – no timer required.


Safety at home isn’t all about physical security; your smoke detectors and CO2 alarms can be set up to alert you of problems or let you know when something is amiss, even when you are not home. The integrated security offered by home automation provides peace of mind and helps protect your largest asset.


Search the net, change the channel and play your favorite song – you once had to use multiple devices to run all of these things at the same time. Thanks to automated hubs like CE’s Cor, which use Alexa powered technology to respond to voice commands, you can adjust one, two or all of your favorite devices without leaving your chair.

Energy Efficiency

While peace of mind and convenience are two of the side benefits of home automation, its fundamental purpose and main benefit is energy efficiency. About 30% of your energy expenditures each month come from heating and cooling your home; switching to an automated thermostat can help get those expenses under control for good. While the biggest individual consumer of energy is your home HVAC, the appliances you use for preparing food, entertaining the family or protecting the home use power as well. Home automation provides unparalleled control over how much energy these systems use, even if you are not home.

At the most basic level, home automation extends scheduled programmability to temperature control and lighting, so that you can suit your energy usage to your usual daily schedule. With more flexible home automation systems, electrical outlets or even individual devices can also be automatically powered down during hours of the day when they’re not needed. As with isolated devices like thermostats and sprinkler systems, the scheduling can be further broken down to distinguish between weekends and even seasons of the year, in some cases.

Home automation is designed to put the items you already own to work for you and to give you unsurpassed capabilities when it comes to controlling your home’s energy consumption, even when you are on vacation or out of the house. Visit CE to learn more about conserving energy and taking control of the devices you use every day; our full line of home automation and control stations makes it easier than ever to get connected and stay connected.

chiller for beer two roads connecticut

Beer Meets Innovation and Greatness Ensues

When Gregg Mello met Phil Markowski, it was a clear that a partnership was about to commence. Phil was in need of a high-tech, extremely efficient, extra-large glycol refrigeration system for the rapidly expanding Two Roads Brewing Company, and Gregg just happened to be the Craft Beer Cooling specialist and enthusiast at CE.

Why an Advanced Chiller for Beer is Necessary

Making delicious beer is an art, and at the root of it all—besides the ingredients, of course—is the temperature in which is it crafted. In fact, the glycol refrigeration system comes into play throughout the entire process. While milling, mashing, lautering, and boiling the wort all require heat, it is crucial that the chilller for beer steps up to the plate immediately to get the wort back to the ideal temperature. Basically, the heat source is the gas pedal, and the beer cooling system is the brake. Without it, a batch of beer could be ruined. Once the initial brewing process is complete, the beer must be kept chilled to stabilize it. This cold temperature must be maintained all the way through packaging and storage to ensure the beer’s highest quality.

Carrier Enterprise to the Rescue

CE is known for its innovative HVAC solutions, but their technologies don’t end with heating and cooling homes and office buildings—they are also quite proficient at glycol refrigeration systems for craft beer. So when Two Roads Brewing Company, located in Stratford, Connecticut, outgrew their current beer chiller system, they turned to a company with innovative solutions for their growing brewing demands: They turned to CE.

Phil Markowski, the master brewer at Two Roads Brewing Company, puts it simply when he says, “A reliable chilling system is paramount in the production of quality beer. Fast cooling is important, and our old system needed to be upgraded.”

Clearly, the beer that Two Roads Brewing Company crafts is delicious. Their Belgian-style lambic called Hexotic won the gold medal at this year’s Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO. So, as you can imagine, their growth is rapid and their need for a highly efficient chiller for beer was of the utmost importance. Luckily, Carrier’s 30XA high-efficiency, air-cooled screw chillers could meet both the size, efficiency, and processing needs of Two Roads. When it comes to brewing such large volumes, it can be challenging for ordinary equipment to cool down the wort fast enough. But with Carrier’s innovative technologies, the demanding task of crash cooling expansive volumes of beer was easily accomplished. CE was able to deliver a highly efficient glycol refrigeration system that could handle both the volume and the rapid cooling times required by Two Roads.

Increased Efficiency = Time and Money Saved

Two Roads Brewing Company is thrilled with their new Carrier beer cooling system. The increased efficiency means that there is less time needed to produce each batch of beer, so more beer can be crafted and more beer can be sold. Not only is the brewing process quicker, Phil Markowski, the master brewer, can save himself a lot of time because he can easily control or view the glycol refrigeration system via the internet. More than that, Carrier’s chiller for beer can seamlessly communicate with the other non-branded chiller for a smooth operation.

It’s safe to say that CE and Two Roads Brewing Company are glad they crossed paths. Thanks to the state-of-the-art, efficient technology by CE, Two Roads Brewing can keep up with their rapid growth. To learn more about how advanced heating and cooling solutions could benefit your company, contact CE. And to enjoy a really delicious brew with some friends, stop by Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, CT.


Carrier Air Conditioners, Where are They Now? – You Won’t Believe #3!

You know Carrier as your go-to source for HVAC supplies and equipment, but they handle a diverse group of projects ranging from the simple but important family home to the home of the Washington Redskins. From the playing field to one of the most revered locations in the world and on land or sea, Carrier air conditioners show up in some of the most interesting places on the planet.

FedExField: Home of the Washington Redskins

The Carrier Quad-Zone Ductless HVAC system is hard at work at one of the most popular NFL stadiums in the nation; FedExField, home of the Washington Redskins. The FedExField’s system is designed to boost energy efficiency and is part of the organization’s push for improved sustainability. In addition to conserving energy, the Carrier ductless system installed for the Redskins is designed to ensure comfort and reduce noise, allowing fans to converse and communicate more readily.

Rugged Research Vessels in Louisiana

Designed to get tools, supplies, equipment and personnel to offshore oil platforms, these heavy duty vessels convey needed items to and from remote locations. Carrier outfitted the first of four HOSMAX 300 Offshore Support Vessels with VRF HVAC systems designed to protect goods and products and maintain comfortable settings for crew and personnel. Carrier’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology was an ideal match for the strenuous needs and rugged conditions experienced by these oversized ships. Carrier HVAC systems allowed for customization to meet the needs of the builder, allowing them to make changes as needed both during construction and once the vessel is pressed into service.

The Sistine Chapel

Carrier is usually called on to ensure that conditions are just right in both homes and commercial settings, but their work at the Vatican is about more than just comfort. According to Antonio Paolucci, director of the Vatican Museums, creating a comfortable setting for 20,000+ visitors per day was only the beginning; the technology used had to be able to make the area comfortable for visitors without harming the irreplaceable artwork within.

“Our aim now is not restoration, but conservation. This is why we have chosen Carrier, because a masterpiece like the Sistine Chapel needs a comparable masterpiece of technology,” he said.

This project required a team of engineers from all over the world to come up with a custom solution designed to create the perfect setting for both visitors and artwork, and ensure that these precious pieces are protected and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

In Homes Around the World

Of all the places Carrier systems show up, we’re proudest of the impact we have on individual homes of all shapes, sizes and ages. Kristin Hyde, CE’s Digital Marketing Manager, moved into her 1920s home shortly after her wedding; three years later, the decades-old Carrier HVAC system is still powering along, providing comfort to her growing family.

“This unit is very special to me because it is a Carrier unit. I am so proud to show off this equipment because I am an ambassador to the brand, and I am proud that it is still working wonderfully after all these years. This really speaks to the legacy of Carrier and its commitment to building quality product.” says Kristin.

Hyde’s experience is not unique – it is not uncommon to hear of Carrier units still cooling homes decades after their initial installation.

Two Roads Brewery

Temperature can make or break a brew – something master beer brewer Phil Markowski knows a bit about. As the driving force behind the Stratford CT based Two Roads Brewing company, Markowski knew he needed an expert when it came to scaling up the business and maintaining the perfect temperature in the company’s chillers. Carrier’s 30XA high efficiency screw chillers were just what the growing craft brewery needed to scale up and deal with the demands of a successful and growing brand.

These are just a few of the many exciting places Carrier equipment and technology has been; their commitment to customer service and satisfaction ensures they stay on the cutting edge of technology and are constantly coming up with newer, better ways to keep things comfortable. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business.

Carrier Enterprise at Redskins Stadium | Quad-Zone Ductless HVAC System

Carrier Enterprise at Redskins Stadium

Carrier Enterprise and the Washington Redskins teamed up to provide added comfort and convenience to fans and players visiting FedExField. As part of the Redskins organization’s dedication to green initiatives and improving the fan experience, the team recently upgraded to the Carrier Quad-Zone ductless HVAC system.

About Redskins FedExField

Like all NFL stadiums, FedExField is designed to be comfortable and safe for both fans and players; the Redskins organization’s home stadium has taken things one step further and focused on sustainability as well. The new ductless Carrier system joins other recent updates and innovations designed to improve the stadium’s eco-friendliness and sustainability. Recent FedExField updates and recognition include:

Carrier Quad-Zone Ductless System

The Carrier Ductless Quad-Zone HVAC system was chosen for FedExField to provide an improved visitor experience and to further the team’s comfort initiatives. Some benefits of the newly installed system include:

  • Greatly reduced noise levels; the ductless system has a noise level of only 27 decibels; normal conversation is generally around 60 decibels. The decreased noise should allow fans to converse, compare strategy and socialize between plays.
  • Unique inverter technology; this Carrier system ensures that the stadium is comforted while maximizing efficiency and allowing for savings of both energy and money.
  • Green operation; the new ductless system ensures that the stadium operates at maximum efficiency, without sacrificing comfort or creating noise.
  • Maximum comfort; for staff, players and fans, the new system can keep the stadium comfortable in even extreme conditions.

About Carrier Enterprise

CE is one of the best known suppliers of HVAC tools, systems and equipment in the nation. With a focus not only on providing supplies for both residential and commercial customers, but on leading the industry in innovation and new technology, CE provides equipment for large organizations like the Redskins and individual homeowners, too.

While the Quad-Zone ductless system is able to help the Redskins organization comfort an entire stadium full of fans, Carrier technology is equally at home in the office or personal residence.

To learn more about the benefits of working with Carrier Enterprise or for more information about bringing the technology used in FedExField into your own home or office, contact us. We’re here for all your HVAC and home comfort needs.

more than carrier

We are More than Carrier

We stock the full line of Carrier and Bryant products – and our name is Carrier Enterprise, but we have a lot more to offer than just our own brand. From HVAC parts, supplies and tools from your favorite vendors to our efficient and swift Part Finder tool, we’re here to support your business every way we can. Whether you need a rare HVAC part, replacement tool or last minute order, our round the clock service can help.

HVAC Parts from Other Brands

Making your life easy is just one of our goals, but convenience really matters. We make sure to stock a variety of the best name brands so you always have your preferred supplies and parts right at hand. This includes a full line of not just OEM parts and supplies, but universal items to satisfy any major brand’s repair requirements. Some popular brands include:

Check out our line card for a full list of brands we offer.

Everything you Need to Service HVAC Systems

From full air conditioning systems to a single component, we take pride in offering the HVAC tools you need to serve your clients as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to offer everything you need to perform your job in one easy to find, easy to access place. We simplify the process by stocking the best brands, parts and supplies from the best-known names in the industry, so anything you need is a single click away.

Find the Parts You Need, Fast

Our Part Finder tool allows you to search our entire database and swiftly find the supplies you need to complete your job. If for some reason we do not have the exact item you need, we’re set up to suggest related and compatible items; you’ll be able to check specs and be sure that you have everything you need for the job at hand. Part Finder is live and better than ever; so you do not have to head back to the office to source your parts or HVAC tools.

Innovative Technology

We make sure we stay on the cutting edge of smart home and HVAC technology. From smart thermostats like the Nest and Ecobee, to the latest in HVAC tools to help you perform your job more efficiently and effectively – we make sure that you always have the most innovative HVAC technology for both you AND your customers.

Around the Clock Service

We make it easy to find the HVAC parts or tools you need to provide the best possible service to your customers. From the ability to find the right part and tool, even after hours to around the clock ordering and support we’re here to make your job easy. We know your customers demand near-instant response times and that speed matters. You have one opportunity to be the hero when something goes wrong or a customer calls with an emergency; CE is here to make sure that you have everything you need to get the job done.

Stop by CE today to see all we have to offer. Whether you need an HVAC part or just want to double check some specs or prices, we’re here for you.


Meet Carrier Côr

The newest and smartest thermostat just got even better. Carrier’s new Côr thermostat has been designed to not only help users conserve energy and keep a steady level of comfort at home, it also seamlessly integrates with Amazon’s interactive Echo device. Côr is able to work with other appliances in the home, secure the perimeter and even send alerts if an alarm is triggered while no one is home. This integration offers homeowners unsurpassed control over their home comfort, safety and entertainment and ushers in a new era of convenience for the savvy homeowner.

Voice Control Comfort, Safety and Entertainment

Home automation used to mean comfort, music or entertainment at the touch of a button; Amazon’s new Alexa technology takes this convenience one step further, with full device control. The retail giant has invested heavily in Alexa enabled devices, and the first generation of devices, the Amazon Echo, rolled out to favorable reviews and reception earlier this year. Echo allows the homeowner to fully control all integrated devices simply by speaking a command. Voice recognition allows the Echo to respond by playing music, searching the web or even adjusting appliances in the home.

Carrier’s Côr hub has been designed to integrate with Amazon Alexa technology and the Echo is able to adjust the home settings when asked; no more fiddling with the temperature, turning the fan on or off or trying to get things just right. The Côr thermostat is already designed with ease and energy efficiency in mind; the voice recognition capabilities of this device further simplifies home comfort for consumers and end users. This innovative device can also help monitor smoke detectors, manage access to the home and even allow users to control settings and get peace of mind when they are away.

Benefits to Installers

Offering customers the Côr smart home system allows you to offer ancillary services ranging from home security to emergency preparedness, without having to invest heavily in extra training or supplies.  The Côr hub has everything you need to expand your offerings and provide your customers with fully integrated smart home technology; you won’t have to worry about compatibility or making multiple systems work together. Whether you are helping a tech savvy customer who knows they want a fully functional smart home or educating a less tech-friendly client on the benefits of automation, the Côr system can help.

Benefits to End Users

For the homeowner, the Côr hub creates the ability to check in from any mobile device with an Internet connection. Forget to turn the lights off or the temperature down? Do it from your phone, even if you are across town or across the country. Worried about the security of a vacation home or second property? Côr can alert you to any issues with the property and allow you to respond instantly, even if you are not at the location at the time. Côr’s ability to integrate with entertainment, child monitoring devices, pet devices and smart appliances puts the power of all these devices in one place. The ability to work with Amazon’s Echo also means the homeowner does not have to hunt for a remote to adjust Côr or receive important information.

Offering the next generation of smart home technology to your current users gives you one more way to serve them and connect; this new technology can also help expand your market to a whole new generation of tech savvy homeowners. Contact us to learn more about Côr and its benefits for both your business and the end user.


HVAC Manufacturers Spotlight: hilmor, TradePro VIVE & Supco Supplies

We take our HVAC products and suppliers seriously. From the tools you use to complete a job to the innovative HVAC technology your customers crave, we’re spotlighting a few of our favorite manufacturers.


Known for tools with streamlined designs and instantly recognizable color, hilmor focuses on creating functional HVAC tools that save you time, frustration and headaches. Each tool is fully equipped to perform essential tasks and created with plumbers, electricians and HVAC pros in mind.

For over 90 years, hilmor has provided long lasting, elegantly designed tools for the HVAC industry, perfecting the pipe bender and ensuring that you have everything you need to get the job done. CE proudly stocks the small but mighty hilmor Compact Bender; this all in one allows you to work in small spaces and get precise bends in even tight locations.  Color coding, one hand operation and a quick release mechanism make it easy to get precise bends on tubing ranging from ¼” to 7/8”. The company’s long history of providing industry specific tools with the end user in mind ensures that you always have the right piece for the job at hand.

TradePro VIVE

Focusing on easy installation (even if an outdated thermostat is removed) and innovative and intuitive controls, TradePro makes it easy to offer your clients cutting edge design and maximum efficiency. TradePro’s VIVE line allows you to offer customers the ultimate in flexibility and comfort; the innovative 700 series is specifically designed for residential applications and combines sleek, streamlined styling with efficient temperature controls. CE stocks the 700 line of TradePro VIVE residential thermostats to give you the flexibility you need to find the perfect piece for each client you serve.


For over 50 years, Supco has provided innovative tools and equipment for HVAC businesses. This rich history of involvement in the climate control and refrigeration services industry allows Supco to provide pieces that are truly useful for the on-site service provider. Supco’s WiScope Wi-Fi inspection camera is a great example of the ways this provider seeks to support HVAC service reps and make it easier than ever to provider excellent service to clients.

Skip the yoga class and strained muscles; Supco HVAC supplies make it easy to see wherever you need to; Supco’s innovative and flexible long reach camera makes it easy to see into tight areas.

We’re committed to finding innovative HVAC supplies and technology designed to make your job easier and to support your business. Contact us to find the quality HVAC supplies you need to make your business a success.

VRF systems

VRF Technology on the Rise in the USA — Here’s What you Need to Know

The US has been slow to adopt Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning systems, but VRF is actually the preferred HVAC system in many Asian and European nations. As more businesses realize the benefits that VRF has to offer, it is slowly gaining ground in the United States. This efficient method of comforting a business or large/multi-unit home is particularly useful when zoning is needed or for varying loads, since the amount of refrigerant that cycles to the fan can be controlled. Read more

HVAC part finder tool

Introducing New HVAC Part Finder by CE

Need to find a specific Carrier, Bryant or Payne part for a repair in progress? Our new Part Finder makes it fast and easy to search the CE database and find exactly what you need. This new feature is designed to make it easier than ever to view and purchase specific HVAC parts. We know how important it is for you to be able to access data in your shop and on the go, and Part Finder is designed to support the needs of a busy HVAC business in finding the right HVAC parts for every job.

Website Tutorials – Using Part Finder from Carrier Enterprise on Vimeo.

What Part Finder Can do for You

Our newly released Part Finder is designed to make it easier than ever to look up the HVAC parts you need for the HVAC equipment you are servicing or installing. Part Finder is available on our website (check the upper left corner) and on our easy to use mobile application.

The HVAC Part Finder Tool from CE is designed to help you in several ways:

  • Allows for fast and easy searching wherever you are – no more writing down the parts you need and then heading back to your shop to look them up.
  • One click access: Find the details you need on the part you’re looking for and order seconds; no waiting until you get back to your office or making a customer wait for an estimate.
  • Instant access to information: You’ll find more than just the part name and number; HVAC Part Finder Tool returns a full description, specs, images for reference, installation instructions, wiring diagrams and more.
  • Know where the part is available in your local CE branch for quick pricing, ordering and pickup.

Make the Most of CE’s Part Finder

Take Part Finder for a test drive and see how easy it is to access not only pricing and availability, but the specs and technical details of the HVAC products you need most. Adding our app to your team’s mobile devices allows them to instantly access the information they need right from the job site and ensures that a customer is never left waiting for details.

Whether you use the website, our mobile app or both, our HVAC Part Finder is designed to make it easier for you to get the details you need and to order your CE parts wherever you are. While the new feature is ready to use now, we also expect to add part substitution suggestions in the next update, making it easier for you to provide top quality service to your clients.

Part Finder is just the latest feature designed with HVAC businesses in mind; we are dedicated to ensuring that you always have the information and parts you need, when you need them. Contact us to learn more about the latest industry news and trends and to give CE’s HVAC Part Finder a test drive. We’re here to help your HVAC business thrive in a growing and competitive marketplace.