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Annapolis Pediatric Medical Facility Receives Ductless VRF

Annapolis Regional Outpatient Center: Pediatric Medical Facility Case Study

The Annapolis Regional Outpatient Center is one of the remote locations of the Children’s National Health System based out of Washington, D.C. They provide a convenient, welcoming environment for children who require the assistance of specialists—their services include everything from pediatric plastic surgery to cardiology and neurosurgery.

In order to provide more services to their clients, the facility is moving from their Bestgate Road location to an upgraded, larger space on West Street. The new building will be 10,500 square feet and will feature a large lobby/waiting room area, multiple patient rooms, and surgery suites. With such a variety of spaces to heat and cool, Toshiba-Carrier VRF equipment was the ideal choice for this upgraded location.

The Problem: Provides Many Different Services

As mentioned, the Annapolis Regional Outpatient Center provides children with medical services ranging from basic patient visits to physical therapy to full-on surgery. Because of these varied services and condition requirements, their heating and cooling needs vary greatly from space to space. The patient rooms need to be kept slightly warmer for patient comfort, yet the areas near the surgery suites require a cooler atmosphere to keep everything sterile. Additionally, it should come as no surprise that energy efficiency is always a concern. No company wants to spend more than necessary on their utility bill, children’s medical clinics included.

The Solution: Toshiba-Carrier VRF

In order to provide an effortless solution for the Annapolis Regional Outpatient Center, the Toshiba-Carrier VRF system was selected. The Mechanical Contractor, with assistance from the CE Mid-Atlantic team, installed a 24-ton heat recovery system that included:

  • 2 single-port flow selectors
  • 3 four-port multiport flow selectors
  • 3 ceiling cassettes
  • 9 ceiling-mounted ducted units

The flow selectors were mounted in the hallways for convenient service-access, and isolation ball valves were included so that each unit could be maintained and serviced individually.

Results: Sure to Exceed Expectations

While the new facility it not up and running quite yet, it is safe to say that both the staff and the patients will be pleased with the Toshiba-Carrier VRF installation. The family members waiting in the lobby can be kept at a comfortable temperature, while other parts of the facility will have the ability to provide cooler or warmer temperatures when required.

The Annapolis Regional Outpatient Center is dedicated to providing children with superior medical care in a comfortable, welcoming environment. With the Toshiba-Carrier VRF as their HVAC system, this location of the Children’s National Health System will be able to focus on the patients instead of worrying about the temperature.