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Case Study: Modern Apartment Complex in New Haven

A new, ultra-sleek, modern apartment complex is opening soon in New Haven, CT, and they needed a dependable, efficient, and inconspicuous HVAC system to keep residents comfortable all year round. Carrier ductless systems were selected to meet the demands of the 55-unit complex without ruining the modern vibe.

About the New Haven Apartments

The newest apartments in New Haven are located in the heart of downtown on the popular Crown Street. The building is six-stories high and contains 55 individual living spaces. Built to be luxury apartments, the units are spacious suites that have high-end features throughout, including 11-foot ceilings, granite countertops, and more.

The Goal: Offer Efficiency and Maintain the Modern Vibe

When looking for HVAC systems, the apartment building owners knew that they needed something that was extremely efficient due to the high ceilings and oversized living areas that wouldn’t hinder the design of the complex, both in the architecture and in the interior. The systems needed to take up minimal space behind the scenes, and needed to blend in with the modern touches found in the hotel.

The Solution: Carrier Ductless Provides Sleek Profiles and Unmatched Performance

Carrier’s Performance series is an ideal fit in the modern apartment complex in downtown New Haven. High Wall evaporators were used in the apartment interiors while Ceiling Cassettes were used in the Hallways for a flush appeal with four way supply with High Heat outdoor units, providing heating capabilities down to -22 degrees.

The Results: Carrier Ductless Instantly Impresses

The installation of the Carrier ductless Performance series were the perfect example of just how powerful the systems are to function as the single source for both heating and cooling in the varying temperatures found in New Haven. Not only will the Carrier ductless systems provide continued efficiency for the tenants of the building, but they also meet Energy Star and local utility efficiency standards. Moreover, the appearance of the units blends in perfectly with the chic and modern décor of the apartment interiors, and the minimal space required for installation left plenty of room for the architectural elements of the design.