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Meet the Industry's First VRF Rooftop Product Line

Toshiba-Carrier 40QQ VRF Rooftop: The Next Generation of Zoned-Comfort

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are changing the landscape of heating and cooling – they are perhaps the biggest change since the first mechanical air conditioner built in New York in 1902 by Willis Carrier. The goal of the first air conditioner was to manage humidity in a printing plant, however, what stood out were the comfort benefits. Since 1925 air conditioners have been cooling us on hot summer days­ – and now – with the latest and greatest in VRF technology, customers can not only reduce energy and consumption but improve temperature controls for total comfort. Read more

A Closer Look at the VRF System at Island Storage Suites

Case Study: Island Storage Suites

A true car enthusiast demands the best for their cars. That means top-of-the-line performance, sleek and uncompromising style, pinpoint accuracy in the handling, and unbridled speed and acceleration. As a collector, the best vehicle storage is also expected, meaning you need an exceptional place to store it – a place that not only protects the car but showcases the vehicle.  Read more

Bust the Myths & Learn the Facts about VRF

Top Myths, Facts, and Safety Concerns with VRF Systems Explained

As an HVAC contractor, you have probably heard coworkers and industry professionals talk about VRF systems. But do you know how they work and the benefits they can provide to a job? While it may be a common term that gets brought up in the world of contractors and builders, more often than not, there are many misconceptions surrounding this technology that are mentioned as well. Since VRF systems haven’t been around as long as your typical HVAC unit, we thought it was time to bust the myths and get the cold hard facts about VRF systems to help you discover how you, and your customers might benefit from this state-of-the-art HVAC system. Read more

See how the City Centre Project will enjoy advanced technology and energy-efficiency with their Toshiba-Carrier VRF equipment

Case Study: City Centre Project

A new development can transform an area. It can bring new life to a city and rebuild a community that was once forgotten and overlooked. With the City Centre project in Ithaca, New York, they expect nothing less. Built near the densest part of downtown Ithaca, the space once housed a bank and a few offices. But with a vision in mind, the goal of the project is to transform the building into mixed-use development with housing, businesses, and entertainment space. The new building will provide a gateway to developing space within the city, allowing residents and guests walking access to areas where they live, work, and play. Read more

Hilton Garden Inn Renovation Project in Record Time

Case Study: Hilton Garden Inn Renovation

Most renovations take a year or two to complete. They include a lot of moving parts that all need to align in order to move forward. So, when Florida’s Director of Engineered Systems Support and VRF Products, Dave Lucas, was presented with the opportunity, he was understandably skeptical. The renovation had to be completed in under eight months and required providing an HVAC system for a 10-story office building that was being turned into a 190-room hotel. But after gathering all the information, Dave, the CE team, and the general contractor partner in Florida moved forward with the job. Read more

Millennials and Modern HVAC Systems

Millennials and Modern HVAC Systems: A Perfect Match

Millennials are known for a lot of things, one of which is that they have focused more on their education and exploring the world and less on getting married and buying homes. However, the millennial generation is getting older (they are now between the ages of 22 and 37), and the rate of millennials buying homes is increasing. If fact, at the end of 2017, 36 percent of new homeowners were under the age of 35—making millennials the majority in the home-buying sector. Read more

See How Ductless System was the Perfect Solution for Maintaining the Historic Integriy of the William Collins Whitney Estate

William Collins Whitney Estate

The William Collins Whitney Estate, often referred to as “The Manse,” was built in 1904 and has since become a part of Long Island history. The property has undergone many changes over the years, but most recently, in 2000, it became the home to a nonprofit organization. While the historic aspects of the building were still intact, its old HVAC system began to present many issues. It became extremely expensive to operate and the individual rooms were impossible to make comfortable for guests. Since the rooms were being rented out for UN meetings, teacher gatherings, and more, this was a reoccurring issue that had to be dealt with. When approached about how to update the estate while still maintaining its historic integrity, Ray Victory, Lead Project Coordinator from Victory Skaggs HVAC in College Point, NY, knew that a Carrier multi-zone ductless system from CE was the solution. Read more