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HVAC Technology Trends for 2019

5 New HVAC Technology Trends for 2019

HVAC technology is evolving every year due to advancements in equipment and systems. That’s the first reason you must stay current on industry developments: to keep your customers informed of the options available to them. Customers are also becoming more knowledgeable about how they want to use new smart HVAC products. That’s the second reason to know the 2019 HVAC technology trends: to provide the services that your customers want. So, what are the emerging 2019 HVAC technology trends? Let’s go over the key areas and smart HVAC products you need to know. Read more

HVAC Trade Shows to Attend in 2019

10 HVAC Trade Shows & Events to Attend in 2019

The day-to-day responsibilities of being an HVAC professional make it all too easy to focus on what’s right in front of you at the expense of the bigger picture. However, the annual HVAC trade shows and conferences below offer multiple opportunities to take a wider view of the current state of the industry. After all, you need a periodic break to refresh and recharge with colleagues from around the country while learning about the latest HVAC technology and trends. Plus, depending on the licensing requirements in your state, you can earn valuable continuing education (CE) hours to remain certified.   Read more

Nonflammable Refrigerant That Can Replace R410a Unveiled

Is There A Nonflammable Refrigerant That Can Replace R410a?  

As an HVAC professional, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest cooling technology available, especially when it comes to products like R410a. R410a has largely taken the place of hydrofluorocarbons in residential HVAC systems since the phasedown began of R22 and other similar high-global-warming refrigerants. Indeed, R410a has become the residential HVAC industry standard. However, when R410a prices increased due to a shortage, it made waves in the industry. Contractors and HVAC professionals were left wondering, what happens next? Read more

What to Do if a Customer Complains of a Slow Variable Speed Heat Pump?

Customer Complaining of a Slow Variable Speed Heat Pump? Here’s What to Do

As you know, a variable speed heat pump works by adjusting the speed of the fan motor to ensure proper airflow throughout the home. Variable speed heat pumps are an incredible way to balance the temperature and humidity in the home, but they are only effective if all of the settings are correct. So, if your customer is complaining of a slow blower motor, your first step is to check the settings. Read more

Uniweld Tools Changing the HVAC Industry

Uniweld Tools: Changing the HVAC Industry

In the HVAC industry, professionals need access to the proper tools to get the job done efficiently, easily, and accurately. Look no further than Uniweld, a reputable brand that offers top-quality, US-made tools that a contractor can rely on not just today at the job site, but for years down the road. With items like the latest brazing kits, manifolds, and vacuum pumps, Uniweld manufactures products with the environment, community, and its customers in mind. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Christina Benedict

Employee Spotlight: Christina Benedict

CE Mid-Atlantic’s Ductless General Manager, Jeff Gresock developed a great program for 2018 to bring awareness to DLS and VRF products. He wanted to motivate both outside and internal sales staff to actively promote the Carrier brand. The incentive program created is a reward based incentive based on % of growth with a minimum qualifier. For the month of September I am happy to announce we had our first winner from the Digital Customer Care team, Christina Benedict! Christina has been working with a customer John from Modern Refrigeration since April of this year in hopes of enhancing his Digital Experience with CE.  In doing so she has learned more about his business and kept him up to date with Ductless Promos, Price Changes, and Ductless Bundles.  John has now switched to CE as his main supplier for all Ductless equipment and continues to be more engaged with all of our digital tools. Christina has provided A6 customer service and John was quoted saying “because of Christina and her reaching out to me on an consistent basis, I have been purchasing more from CE. She provided great customer service and continues to keep me updated on any promotions that will help me grow my business.” Way to go, Christina!