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Carrier VRF solved this church's HVAC challenges

Case Study: Unitarian Universalist Church Ft. Myers, Florida

The Unitarian Universalist Church is a community staple in Ft. Myers, Florida. Equipped with a vast eco-preserve, nature trail, and more, the 12.5-acre property provides members of the church with a serene location to relax and reflect. However, the church was still relying on the DX systems that were installed when the church was initially built, and they were having a challenging time maintaining the temperature and humidity levels in the main gathering hall known as the sanctuary.   Read more

See the new & improved CE HVAC assist mobile app

Check out the New Features on our HVAC Mobile App

When you are on a job site, time is of the essence. You don’t have time to head back to the office to find information for your clients: You need to give them the answers they are looking for immediately. Now, with our HVAC mobile app—aptly named the HVAC Contractor Assist—you can. Built to make your life a whole lot easier, our HVAC app is sure to become your new favorite tool in your tool belt. Here is a look at the upgraded features and enhancements that we have integrated into our app for HVAC contractors. 

Incredible Features to Improve Your Workflow  

Once you start using our HVAC mobile app, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. While it is loaded with several incredible features to assist you with your job, these are the three we think you will be especially fond of:  

  • In-app Warranty Claims – With our warranty feature, you can submit claims while on the go. Take away the headache of making repetitive phone calls and get paid faster. And if you aren’t sure if a product is covered, you can easily search by serial number to get all of the information you need. 
  • Instant Document Search – Gone are the days of digging through file boxes to find the diagrams and instructions you need to perform adequate service on a piece of equipment you are unfamiliar with. Our app for HVAC contractors puts all of these documents at your fingertips, including spec sheets, installation instructions, wiring diagrams, consumer information, and more. 
  • Easy Part Locator – You know how important it is to have the correct part the first time, and with our HVAC app, you no longer have to waste precious time finding the right one. All you have to do is open up the app, enter the equipment you need a part for, and confirm inventory at the CE store nearest you. 

Notable Updates 

In addition to the above features, our HVAC mobile app will also provide you with the following capabilities: 

  • Get real-time inventory information before you head to one of our stores.
  • Shop for the parts you need straight from the HVAC app and we will have the parts ready for you when you arrive—or get them shipped to you.
  • Locate compatible parts for the equipment you are working on.
  • Use the barcode scanner to easily find the pricing and quantity information for that part.
  • Calculate pressure or temperature instantly with our PT calculator. 
  • Find the CE location that is nearest to where you are. 
  • See barcodes in dark spaces with the included flashlight—there’s no need to switch apps. 

With our app for HVAC contractors, you can save yourself precious time by having all of the information you need right at your fingertips. Download our HVAC mobile app today in the Apple App Store or on Google Play and never look back. 

Discover why this high-end beachfront property opted for VRF

Case Study: Onella Condos in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

A new exclusive beachfront condo facility just sold out in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. As the ultimate escape or permanent residence for those in retirement or anyone looking to discover a one-of-a-kind living experience of Indian Rocks Beach, Onella Condos offers high-end, luxurious, expansive condominiums. When choosing HVAC systems for this highly sought-after property, the condos opted for the versatility and efficiency of VRF heat recovery systems.  Read more

Financing built for HVAC Contractors

Credit for Comfort: Financing for HVAC Contractors

While some HVAC jobs are upgrades that your customers saved up for, more often than not, you are performing emergency repairs. As such, many customers do not have the savings built up to pay for your services outright. That’s why it is important to offer your customers another option. With Credit for Comfort financing for HVAC contractors, you can make sure your customers get the equipment they require without having to stress about paying for it upfront.  

Read more

See how Carrier Ductless met the needs at Oak Hill Academy

Case Study: Oak Hill Academy

The Oak Hill Academy is a private secondary school that has been part of Wilson, Virginia’s history since 1878. Although the facilities have been well-maintained throughout the ages, some of the dorms were in desperate need of a full renovation, which included a complete upgrade to their HVAC systems. When the local CE team heard about the project, they contacted the school and worked hard to prove that they had the expertise necessary to win the job. CE partnered with a local contractor, E&L Diamond, and were awarded this high-profile job.   Read more

Learn about the upgrades at Hope House with Carrier Ductless Systems with Sensibo

Case Study: Hope House in Laurel, MD

Located in Laurel, Maryland, the Hope House Treatment Center is a non-profit medical facility that is committed to helping men and women overcome alcohol and drug addiction and go on to live a healthy life. The facility, which used to be a car dealership, was in need of an HVAC system upgrade that would allow for efficiency and off-site control, and Carrier ductless systems were chosen to meet their needs. 

Read more

See the exciting events South Texas has hosted

The CE Team in South Texas Throws Unforgettable and Educational Events for HVAC Contractors

At CE, we are dedicated to providing the best service to HVAC contractors across the country, and we do this in a variety of ways. Recently, our South Texas team hosted an incredible recruiting event at Karbach Brewing Company, and they have another event, a crawfish boil, coming up shortly. We love to hear about how our CE team in South Texas is committed to their customers, and we wanted to let you know about the amazing events they put on. Perhaps it can inspire you to start planning one for your own customers.

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Tips for Selling Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment to Homeowners

As an HVAC contractor, you know how hard it can be to convince your customers to upgrade their HVAC equipment to more energy efficient models. You know how amazing these products are not only for saving money, but also for how they impact the environment. Getting customers to commit to the upfront costs can be challenging, though. Here is a look at just how much energy efficient equipment can save your customers, as well as additional benefits you can point out to help them make the change. Read more

tankless water heater

Tankless vs. Traditional Water Heaters: Which One is Better for Your Customer?

When your customers are in the market for a new water heater, they essentially have two options: a traditional water heater that connects to electricity or gas, or a tankless water heater. While both pieces of HVAC equipment have the same ultimate function, they do not work the same way. Here is a closer look at the differences between the two so you can help your customers decide which one will work best for their needs. Read more