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identify water damage in hvac

How to Identify Water Damage to HVAC Equipment

After a hurricane or flood hits, it is time to begin the damage evaluation process. One of the most difficult items to assess—for both insurance adjusters and homeowners—is the HVAC equipment. It is challenging to determine just how severe the water damage is from the outside, and since the equipment is so expensive, claims should not be made haphazardly. Here are the steps to follow to determine how severe the water damage is to the HVAC equipment, even if it can’t be turned on. Read more

prevent hvac damage during hurricane

6 Tips to Prevent Damage to HVAC Systems During a Hurricane

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive forces of Mother Nature. They bring with them intense winds and heavy rains, which can be very damaging to HVAC systems. However, hurricanes do have one benefit, which is that residents generally receive ample notice of their approach. Here are some steps that can be taken weeks, days, and hours before a hurricane to ensure as little damage is sustained as possible. Read more

Selling Hvac Parts And Supplies

Add HVAC Parts and Supplies to Increase Your Bottom Line

You know that the more HVAC parts and supplies you sell, the more profit you will make. One of the easiest ways to increase your bottom line is by offering upgrades to your customers while you are in their homes. However, you are an experienced HVAC contractor, but maybe not a salesperson. And that’s okay! Here are some tips to help you offer more HVAC supplies to the customers you already have. Read more

Carrier Partners With Habitat For Humanity

Carrier Partners with Habitat for Humanity to Donate 500 Ductless HVAC Units, Nationwide

Over two decades ago, Carrier partnered with Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity to bring comfort and convenience to every home that was built. Over time, this partnership grew to a nationwide affair, and on August 17, Carrier celebrated the relationship with a donation of 500 ductless HVAC units. While the celebration took place in Atlanta, Georgia, the ductless systems will be installed in several states, including: Mississippi, California, Connecticut, Texas, New York, and more. Joining in the celebration was former NFL legend and current philanthropist, Warrick Dunn. Read more

Vive Thermostats

Featured HVAC Product: Vive Digital Thermostats

The thermostat is one of the most important HVAC parts within a system. Not only does it tell the rest of the system what to do, but it is the one part of the system that is seen multiple times a day, every day. With hundreds of thermostats on the market, it can be challenging to select the right one for your customer. While there is no one-size-fits-all thermostat, the Vive thermostat is one worth mentioning. Read more

HVAC humidity control

How HVAC Equipment Helps with Humidity Control

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), your clients should aim to keep their home at a 60% humidity level if kept at the average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. At this humidity level, the air is easy to breathe without allowing for too much moisture buildup, which can lead to mold growth, health issues, and water damage. In some climates, staying below a 60% humidity level is simple, but if your clients are located near the ocean, or any large body of water, it can be challenging to control the moisture level of the air. Read more

payne HVAC equipment

Spotlight on Payne HVAC Supplies

D.W. Payne and his son founded Payne Heating & Cooling Products in 1914. They created the first floor furnace that could be installed within a home’s crawl space area. Since then, they have paved the way for many gas furnace innovations, including the first furnace that was approved for installation in a closet and the first option for zone heating. In the 1950s, Payne added remote air conditioning to their lineup, and today, they maintain a collection of dependable HVAC equipment at a reasonable price. Here is a look at three pieces of Payne HVAC equipment we feature at CE: Read more

Ahri System Builder

AHRI System Builder Tool Makes HVAC Installation Preparation Easier Than Ever

The AHRI System Builder is your secret weapon for ensuring that your HVAC system installation is smooth and hassle-free. The System Builder tool recommends compatible parts, supplies, and accessories that you need to complete the installation. This ensures that you have everything you need upon arrival at the job site. Have you ever had to return to the shop or supply house because you have the wrong whip or pad? Our online tool saves you from this inconvenience. Here’s a closer look at how the AHRI System Builder helps you be prepared. Read more