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carrier core compatible with apple homekit

Carrier Côr Smart Thermostat and Apple HomeKit Now Compatible

The mission behind the Carrier Cor is to be the most versatile, simple to operate, effective smart thermostat on the market. So when Apple announced its release of Apple HomeKit, Carrier got to work making sure their thermostat would interact with it flawlessly. With Apple and Carrier combined, homeowners can effortlessly manage their home’s climate like never before.

Apple HomeKit Explained

Apple HomeKit is a new addition to the iOS 10 software via the Home app. It allows iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users to instantly control various smart devices in their home, either manually through the app, or with the help of Siri. Connected equipment can be controlled even when the homeowner is away, including taking cues from certain triggers (like reaching a certain distance away from home).

How Carrier Cor and Apple HomeKit Work Together

The partnership with Apple HomeKit lets users of both devices control their thermostat remotely, but that is only the beginning. The HomeKit-enabled Cor thermostat offers many options for a homeowner to control their Carrier Cor thermostat via their iOS device:

  • By using the “Hey, Siri” voice command, a user can instruct Siri to change the current setting on the thermostat.
  • The Carrier Cor thermostat can be included in any automation scenes or grouping settings.
  • A homeowner can use his or her location to control the Carrier Cor thermostat, meaning the thermostat will automatically adjust when it senses the user has left the designated geo-fence, or when he or she enters back into it.
  • Because of the upgraded software, the new Carrier Cor is compatible with any other third-party applications that have been tested and approved to work with Apple HomeKit.

Additional Functionalities Worth Mentioning

Using the Cor thermostat with HomeKit goes far beyond simply controlling the thermostat. The Cor can become just one part of an entire scene that the user designates. For example, the user can command Siri to set the bedtime scene and the thermostat will lower while the lights turn off. The Cor can also be set to adjust temperatures when the garage door—that is also connected to Apple HomeKit—opens, adjusting the home to the right temperature for the owner before they walk in.

Determining Apple HomeKit Compatibility

Because the Carrier Cor thermostat required completely updated hardware in order to make it compatible with Apple HomeKit, earlier model Cor thermostats will not work as a pair with HomeKit. To see if your model is compatible, check the packaging. There will be a logo on the package that indicates that the thermostat works with Apple HomeKit. You can also check the model number within the thermostat’s settings and if it ends with the letter A, it is compatible.

The newest Carrier Cor models will be available soon (early 2017), but in the meantime, you can check out the other Cor thermostats we carry. And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions.