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A Refrigerant Ready for the Future

Carrier Introduces Puron Advance: The Refrigerant Ready for the Future

As climate change becomes an even greater issue, it is important for companies to step up and develop sustainable, eco-friendly products and practices. Carrier is proud to announce the launch of Puron Advance, a sustainable refrigerant developed in collaboration with the Chemours Company.

With the company’s extended track record of environmental responsibility and sustainability, Carrier has again taken the first step to develop the refrigerant for the future. Puron Advance is the next generation refrigerant for residential and light commercial products in North America – and hopefully beyond.

What Is Puron Advance?

R-454B, also known as Puron Advance, is now the leading lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) solution to supplant R-410A in all of Carrier’s ducted light commercial and residential solutions. Carrier plans to offer this new refrigerant in its products starting in 2023.

Developers expect Puron Advance to surpass future environmental regulations due to its lower GWP than other refrigerants. Puron Advance has a GWP of 466 – that’s a fifth of the GWP of the R-410A currently used in Carrier products.

Carrier selected Puron Advance due to its low environmental footprint and energy consumption. However, you can rest assured that Carrier does not sacrifice quality for sustainability – this refrigerant improves longevity, safety, and performance according to the United Nations Montreal Protocol Kigali Agreement for hydrofluorocarbons.

The Chemours Company Collaboration

Carrier developed Puron Advance in conjunction with the Chemours Company, another global leader in sustainable technology. This fluorochemicals and refrigerant company will produce and distribute Puron Advance throughout North America.

Both Carrier and Chemours worked closely to ensure that Puron Advance adheres to the standards, codes, and regulations of sustainable industry practices. In addition, the development teams have worked closely with experts to ensure proper use of Puron Advance and R-454B.

As Carrier and the Chemours Company begin to move forward with the Puron Advance technology, we look to continue to keep you in the loop regarding sustainable, high-quality HVAC solutions.  Please contact CE today to learn more about our products and commitment to the planet.