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Carrier 2-pipe Heat Recovery VRF Equipment Installed in Amber Court Assisted Living

Scheduled to open its doors later this year, the Amber Court assisted living community in Smithtown, NY, is all about making assisted living as luxurious as possible. They strive to provide senior citizens with a beautiful, amenity-laden place to call home. Amber Court focuses on giving their residents a high quality of life, and that starts with the temperature being comfortable in all areas at all times.

Therefore, when McAlpine (General Contractor) and Controlled Energy (Mechanical Contractor) were approached to provide the HVAC system for Amber Court, they knew that Carrier 2-pipe Heat Recovery VRF systems from Carrier Enterprise were the perfect, foundational solution.

The Problem: Multiple Spaces of Varying Sizes

The Amber Court assisted living community offers its residents everything they could need to live a happy life: well-appointed apartments, a fitness center, a general store, a cinema, a bistro, three dining areas, a technology hub, and a wellness suite. Because of the diversity in the size and purpose of these areas, providing consistent, comfortable temperatures can be a challenge for building owners, designers, engineers, and installing contractors. Add in, budget considerations, energy efficiency, equipment being less intrusive to the residents, and ultimately, a system that is compatible with other HVAC and building systems, and you have an HVAC system decision process that can be very daunting.

The Solution: Carrier 2-pipe VRF

Therefore, when the owners, engineers, and designers for Amber Court began assessing solutions to meet the aforementioned HVAC requirements, the capabilities of Carrier 2-pipe, Heat Recovery VRF systems, coupled with other Carrier and 3rd Party HVAC equipment won them over. Since Carrier VRF will be the main technology interacting with the occupants, it was important that it could be integrated with other technologies. Moreover, since it would be impacting most of the residents of the facility, it had to have the most features and benefits. The main feature for the residents was each indoor unit of the VRF systems can be controlled independently, that is, every room can be kept at the perfect temperature for the occupants—even if that means heating several of the apartments while cooling the dining room and other spaces. For the building owners it was important that they will not have to worry about over-heating and over-cooling vacant spaces, because the system senses and delivers heating and cooling to those areas that require it. These capabilities ensure spaces are kept comfortable while providing the owner a reasonable energy bill.

Results: Sure to Be Impressive

The Amber Court assisted living community is still in the final stages of construction; however, it is set to open before the end of the year. Amber Court is a facility that highlights the capabilities of leveraging all aspects of Carrier’s product portfolio and Carrier Enterprise’s 3rd Party equipment partnerships. The total HVAC inventory installed by McAlpine and Controlled Energy on Amber Court will include Carrier 2-pipe Heat Recovery VRF systems, as well as Carrier applied rooftop units, CE ETAC units, Sterling hydronic heat, and all these systems will all be centrally controlled by the advanced i-VU® integrated control system. By providing the right equipment for the right building application, we are confident that the residents of the gorgeous facility will be thrilled with the performance and ease of use of the Carrier 2-pipe, Heat Recovery VRF system, as well as, all of the installed HVAC equipment. We can’t wait to check-in with the residents and staff at Amber Court to hear firsthand how the VRF systems and other installed equipment and controls have improved their quality of life.