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HVAC Trade Shows to Attend in 2019

10 HVAC Trade Shows & Events to Attend in 2019

The day-to-day responsibilities of being an HVAC professional make it all too easy to focus on what’s right in front of you at the expense of the bigger picture. However, the annual HVAC trade shows and conferences below offer multiple opportunities to take a wider view of the current state of the industry. After all, you need a periodic break to refresh and recharge with colleagues from around the country while learning about the latest HVAC technology and trends. Plus, depending on the licensing requirements in your state, you can earn valuable continuing education (CE) hours to remain certified.   Read more

Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating is closing sales around the clock with OnCall Air

Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating had been typing sales proposals for over 35 years.  Finally in 2016, they decided to implement a digital sales platform that was used exclusively by the sales team as it was too complicated for their technicians. With nearly 40 technicians in the field, this meant a lot of missed sales opportunities.

Then they tried OnCall Air…

“The technicians back in the past would only quote one system, they just had their invoice. OnCall Air now gives them the ability to build a good, better, best proposal. It takes two seconds more to put in two more systems,” says Chuck Warner, Sales Manager who has been working for Joplin’s for 18 years.

Chuck first heard about OnCall Air through CE and decided to switch after seeing how easy to use and customizable the application was, and the amount of detailed information they could now provide their customers.  “Our customers love the way in which we present proposals now mainly because of the amount of information that they get and their understanding of the systems they are buying,” says Chuck. “Now we feel very confident that customers know what they are getting and this just makes our job easier and minimizes confusion.”

Managing Sales Efficiently and Saving Time

With so many technicians in the field, keeping up with the operations especially during the summer months can be challenging. OnCall Air helps Joplin’s save precious time thanks to its CE Connector capability that integrates into CE’s e-commerce platform and provides all product, pricing and inventory availability information. It also allows them to change their pricing on the fly and have different pricing profiles.

Managing Pricing

“My favorite feature of OnCall Air is the ability to have different pricing profiles as the sales manager. Having that ability to change the price of anything at any time, really helps me keep the pricing fluid, because here in Texas we have a big difference in how busy it is in the summer versus the winter. OnCall Air makes this very, very simple with the click of a button”.

Seeing the Results

Joplin’s conversion rates have significantly improved since they started using the platform. The ability to email customers their proposals when they leave the house and track their interactions with it has contributed to this. “A lot of times you don’t have the decision makers at the same time so emailing the proposals has been a huge advantage. Customers can look at proposals anytime, anywhere,  just like they are shopping on Amazon. I have had approvals come in at 2 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday,” Chuck remembers.

Getting Support from OnCall Air’s Success Team

With the support of the OnCall Air team, Bill Joplin’s Heating and Air was able to get the system up and running and unify its sales process within a couple of weeks. “The team at OnCall Air really reflects our company and our values. We always put our customers first. And I have to say that there’s not very many times I go, ‘You know what? That’s a company just like ours.’”

Want to learn more how OnCall Air can power your sales? Book a demo now!

Giving Thanks For Our Newest Team Member

Disastrous Hurricane Spurs New Life for CE Employee

CE Warehouse/Counter Associate Joseph Melendez didn’t change jobs. But he transferred from his homeland – where it’s almost always hot and sunny – to a place where weather changes all the time.

Melendez was working in CE’s Caguas, Puerto Rico branch when Hurricane Maria hit Sept. 20, 2017.

“It was like a nuclear bomb,” says Melendez. “I lost almost everything I had.”

From the Miami area, CE donated water, food, generators and supplies. The company also set up a GoFundMe account to aid employees and family members.

But the necessities of life remained difficult to obtain, including gas, food and medical care, Melendez recalls. He was without power for seven months.

Connecting with Rochester: A Perfect Fit

Through the CE job portal, Melendez found out about a job opening in Rochester, NY – more than 1,800 miles away — and pursued it.

He interviewed and communicated with the hiring team over Skype.

“He could see Rochester in the snow, and we could see Puerto Rico in the dark,” says Tim Kropf, sales center manager in Rochester.

With Melendez’s direct CE experience and technical skills working for his father’s HVAC business, Melendez “seemed like a perfect fit,” says Ed Bersani, Upstate New York area branch manager.

“I could see the fight,” says Kropf. “It’s a hard transition to pack your life up and go. You know you’re going to have a good, dedicated worker.”

Plus, he’s a “super awesome guy,” Kropf adds.

Bersani credits CE HR Specialist Cheryl Smith with making the match happen. She connected with CE colleagues in Florida and worked through numerous obstacles, he says. “If it wasn’t for Cheryl recognizing and pursuing this talent, we would have never found Joseph.”

A Helping Hand

With a little help from some new friends, Melendez settled in Rochester in April 2018.

“When you have good people around, it makes it better,” he says. “I don’t think I could find someone better than Tim,” Melendez says.

Kropf connected Melendez with a leasing agent who helped find an apartment within walking distance of the branch.

Several colleagues also helped fill a U-Haul truck with household goods to get Melendez started in his new life: used furniture, a TV, dishes and other staples.

Store associate Mike Sirianni and former CE employee Jake Bertani, who now works for Carrier/UTC, contributed.

The Rochester team also involved Melendez in family gatherings, introduced him to friends and helped drive him wherever he needed until he could get his own car.

“It’s an example of young people sharing what they had with someone who had less,” says Bersani.

In June, thanks to CE tickets from Pittsburgh Sales Manager Rich Patsy, Melendez was able to see his favorite pro baseball team play.

He treated his father and brother — who were visiting from Puerto Rico — to “great seats” at a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

Forecast: A Bright CE Future

Bersani foresees a bright future for Melendez at CE.

“He has a good head on his shoulders – and the customers all love him,” says Bersani. He sees the potential for Melendez to eventually manage his own branch.

For now, he is working in the warehouse while training to staff the counter. And he looks forward to settling down in Rochester.

“I like this area,” he says, sharing his plans to buy a home here.

Kropf kiddingly reminds Melendez of the reality of a Rochester winter: “Talk to him in a few weeks when the white stuff shows up,” he quips.

But a snowstorm is nothing compared to a hurricane.

Employee Spotlight: Chad DeGreif

At CE, we pride ourselves on our expansive collection of digital tools formulated to make our customers’ businesses run more efficiently. Territory manager Chad DeGreif plays a vital role in expanding contractors’ use of this technology. Chad is a veteran in the HVAC field, so he has witnessed first-hand how advances in digital technology have shaped the industry in recent years.

These advancements can seem daunting for our customers. Chad assists them by taking the time to thoroughly explain our tools so they can reap the most benefit. He “points out all the benefits of the platform. No longer do [customers] have to sit on hold to order parts or equipment or have to wait for me to call them back and put the order in. With all the benefits—warranty, AHRI system builder, online ordering—it’s not hard to sell them on the digital tools.” Not only do these platforms save his customers time when conducting business, it also allows Chad to focus on expanding and nurturing his own customer base.

Chad leads the pack among his regional peers with the highest percentage of his customers using ecommerce for their ordering needs. By explaining the benefits over merely phoning in orders, Chad is successfully bringing customers into the digital realm of the HVAC industry. Chad notes that, “Once they get the hang of it, they love it. If you can get them to look at it, they will use it.” By identifying the vast benefits and time-saving nature of our digital platforms to his own customers, Chad has built a blueprint to boost digital adoption for years to come.

Hilton Garden Inn Renovation Project in Record Time

Case Study: Hilton Garden Inn Renovation

Most renovations take a year or two to complete. They include a lot of moving parts that all need to align in order to move forward. So, when Florida’s Director of Engineered Systems Support and VRF Products, Dave Lucas, was presented with the opportunity, he was understandably skeptical. The renovation had to be completed in under eight months and required providing an HVAC system for a 10-story office building that was being turned into a 190-room hotel. But after gathering all the information, Dave, the CE team, and the general contractor partner in Florida moved forward with the job. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Christina Benedict

Employee Spotlight: Christina Benedict

CE Mid-Atlantic’s Ductless General Manager, Jeff Gresock developed a great program for 2018 to bring awareness to DLS and VRF products. He wanted to motivate both outside and internal sales staff to actively promote the Carrier brand. The incentive program created is a reward based incentive based on % of growth with a minimum qualifier. For the month of September I am happy to announce we had our first winner from the Digital Customer Care team, Christina Benedict! Christina has been working with a customer John from Modern Refrigeration since April of this year in hopes of enhancing his Digital Experience with CE.  In doing so she has learned more about his business and kept him up to date with Ductless Promos, Price Changes, and Ductless Bundles.  John has now switched to CE as his main supplier for all Ductless equipment and continues to be more engaged with all of our digital tools. Christina has provided A6 customer service and John was quoted saying “because of Christina and her reaching out to me on an consistent basis, I have been purchasing more from CE. She provided great customer service and continues to keep me updated on any promotions that will help me grow my business.” Way to go, Christina!

Customer Spotlight: H.H. Hovey (Winston Salem, NC)

H.H. Hovey is a second generation HVAC company out or Winston Salem, North Carolina.  In 1990, H.H. Hovey started doing business with us when they bought and installed the Bryant Plus 90 furnace (image attached) for a homeowner.  28 years later, H.H. Hovey has installed a replacement Bryant furnace for this same homeowner.  H.H. Hovey was our first Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer in North Carolina.

Many things have changed in the HVAC industry since 1990, including how Hovey buys their equipment now.  They utilize CE’s digital tools and buy online.  They enjoy the digital experience as they know right away if the product they need are in their local store.  This allows them to communicate a proper timeline with their customer.

While our digital tools have changed the way Hovey buys from us, what hasn’t changed is the fact that they are still buying and installing Bryant equipment!