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Uniweld Tools Changing the HVAC Industry

Uniweld Tools: Changing the HVAC Industry

In the HVAC industry, professionals need access to the proper tools to get the job done efficiently, easily, and accurately. Look no further than Uniweld, a reputable brand that offers top-quality, US-made tools that a contractor can rely on not just today at the job site, but for years down the road. With items like the latest brazing kits, manifolds, and vacuum pumps, Uniweld manufactures products with the environment, community, and its customers in mind.

About Uniweld

Uniweld Products, Inc. was established in 1949 in Dania Beach, Florida. Today, the company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale with distribution facilities in Florida, California, Texas, Ontario, and Saskatoon.

Uniweld has grown into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of welding, HVAC/R, plumbing, and alloy products. Even so, the company maintains the values of a family-owned business, having been passed down from Founder and Chairman, David Pearl, Sr., to his sons, David S. Pearl II and Douglas B. Pearl. The brothers run the company today as President and Executive Vice President.

Through ongoing industry advancements, Uniweld continues to make its equipment easier to use and safer for the environment. The company has twice received the prestigious Broward County Emerald Environmental Award and has also been awarded Broward County’s Environmental Business of the Year.

CE is proud to offer a series of products manufactured by Uniweld under the TradePro® brand name:

TP-100 Portable Oxyacetylene Brazing Kit

This economical, contractor-grade kit features all the necessary components for brazing and welding, and its easy portability makes it ideal for light- to medium-duty jobs.

The kit features oxygen and acetylene regulators with rubber protective gauge boots. The front valve welding handle has a stainless steel ballpoint valve to ensure precise gas control. The kit also offers #0 and #2 tips for brazing up to 1-inch copper tubing and welding up to 1/8-inch steel. Finally, the kit comes with flip-up goggles, a flint lighter, and 12.5-foot twin hoses.

The included plastic carrying stand features a convenient slot to hold welding and brazing equipment securely, a dedicated hose winder, storage for brazing alloys, and a large compartment that allows you to organize accessories. With the centered, balanced handle, the kit is easy to carry around and perfect for travel to job sites.

Brass Manifolds

TradePro® by Uniweld offers two types of two-valve brass manifolds: TP-2VM5H and TP-2VM5HEZ. They share many excellent features, including:

  • Patented forged brass body
  • Easy-access, 45-degree front hose holders
  • Easy-to-read, 2.5-inch Limited Pointer Flutter (LPF) gauges
  • Color-coded refrigerant scales and gauge boots
  • Reseatable Teflon valve stem packing
  • Heavy-duty metal handles

The TP-2VM5H includes a set of five-foot Soft Magic barrier hoses. These flex service hoses feature a universal ball valve with patented interchangeable service connectors that make it easy to reach hard-to-access fittings.

The TP-2VM5HEZ includes a set of five-foot EZ Turn anti-blowback hoses. These feature a thrust bearing to reduce friction, allowing you to connect service hoses easily, even while under pressure.

TP-5V2 Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps from TradePro® by Uniweld deliver the latest in vacuum pump technology to provide reliable, long-term service for appliances, residential air conditioners, and commercial refrigeration systems. The TP-5V2 vacuum pump weighs 20 pounds and operates at 5.5 CFM and 155 liters per minute. It also has an oil capacity of 15.22 ounces and a two-stage rotary vane, heat dispersing motor fins, and a low on/off rocker switch. Additional features include a factory micron rating of 15, 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch male flare intake fittings with built-in check valve, easy access to the oil drain, and more. Designed to work on automotive, residential, and commercials systems using CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants, these vacuum pumps are built for long-term, reliable service that will last contractors for years to come.

Uniweld tools are not only environmentally friendly, but they’re contractor friendly as well. With features designed to make the job of an HVAC contractor easier, TradePro® by Uniweld is perfect for any refrigerant, HVAC, plumbing, and maintenance service technician. If these Uniweld tools seem like the right upgrades for your tool kit, please contact CE today to learn more.


Employee Spotlight: Chad DeGreif

At CE, we pride ourselves on our expansive collection of digital tools formulated to make our customers’ businesses run more efficiently. Territory manager Chad DeGreif plays a vital role in expanding contractors’ use of this technology. Chad is a veteran in the HVAC field, so he has witnessed first-hand how advances in digital technology have shaped the industry in recent years.

These advancements can seem daunting for our customers. Chad assists them by taking the time to thoroughly explain our tools so they can reap the most benefit. He “points out all the benefits of the platform. No longer do [customers] have to sit on hold to order parts or equipment or have to wait for me to call them back and put the order in. With all the benefits—warranty, AHRI system builder, online ordering—it’s not hard to sell them on the digital tools.” Not only do these platforms save his customers time when conducting business, it also allows Chad to focus on expanding and nurturing his own customer base.

Chad leads the pack among his regional peers with the highest percentage of his customers using ecommerce for their ordering needs. By explaining the benefits over merely phoning in orders, Chad is successfully bringing customers into the digital realm of the HVAC industry. Chad notes that, “Once they get the hang of it, they love it. If you can get them to look at it, they will use it.” By identifying the vast benefits and time-saving nature of our digital platforms to his own customers, Chad has built a blueprint to boost digital adoption for years to come.

Hilton Garden Inn Renovation Project in Record Time

Case Study: Hilton Garden Inn Renovation

Most renovations take a year or two to complete. They include a lot of moving parts that all need to align in order to move forward. So, when Florida’s Director of Engineered Systems Support and VRF Products, Dave Lucas, was presented with the opportunity, he was understandably skeptical. The renovation had to be completed in under eight months and required providing an HVAC system for a 10-story office building that was being turned into a 190-room hotel. But after gathering all the information, Dave, the CE team, and the general contractor partner in Florida moved forward with the job.

About the Hilton Garden Inn Renovation Project

Jupiter Florida, has been experiencing a lot of growth, including the recent additions of a new ballpark that will be the Astros’ spring training home and the UTC Center for Intelligent Buildings. So, when a former office building became available, developers instantly saw the opportunity to transform it into a hotel. However, the time frame was tight. The project was presented to CE’s partner in March, and it needed to be completed by Thanksgiving. Once open, the Hilton Garden Inn will be used to house the Astros during spring training, as well as provide a central home base for tourists and visitors of the UTC Center.

The Goal: Independent Controls & Efficiency, Installed in Record Time

Being a hotel, the number one priority for the Hilton Garden Inn renovation was the ability to independently control each room. Additionally, the developers wanted a building that was extremely energy efficient to keep overhead costs down, and of course, the system had to be able to be installed within the short time frame.

The Solution: VRF

After reviewing the needs of the renovation, it was decided that Toshiba-Carrier VRF systems were the answer. However, given the short renovation time, designing and installing the system was not as cut and dry as would have been preferred. All of the equipment had to be carefully determined to ensure it would arrive in time to meet the tight deadline. In addition, any late updates or revisions to the plan to overcome any equipment shortages were made to utilize the equipment that was immediately available.

The Results: Comfort and Efficiency

With the deadline quickly approaching, we are pleased to report that everything is ahead of schedule. All of the VRF components are expected to be up and running by the end of October, beating the Thanksgiving deadline by weeks. Once open, the building owners and occupants of the hotel are sure to be thrilled with the extreme controllability the VRF system provides, and this Hilton Garden Inn is sure to be a top destination for tourists and business travelers. We are proud to be a part of its success.

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William Collins Whitney Estate

The William Collins Whitney Estate, often referred to as “The Manse,” was built in 1904 and has since become a part of Long Island history. The property has undergone many changes over the years, but most recently, in 2000, it became the home to a nonprofit organization. While the historic aspects of the building were still intact, its old HVAC system began to present many issues. It became extremely expensive to operate and the individual rooms were impossible to make comfortable for guests. Since the rooms were being rented out for UN meetings, teacher gatherings, and more, this was a reoccurring issue that had to be dealt with. When approached about how to update the estate while still maintaining its historic integrity, Ray Victory, Lead Project Coordinator from Victory Skaggs HVAC in College Point, NY, knew that a Carrier multi-zone ductless system from CE was the solution. Read more