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The Many Ways We Put Ductless HVAC Systems to Use in 2017

2017 was quite the year for CE. We started off in January with the addition of the Toshiba Carrier single-phase VRF system to our ductless lineup, and it was clear that HVAC contractors and their customers were ready. With unheard-of simultaneous heating and cooling, the ability to eliminate ductwork, and zoned temperature control, the applications for ductless are limitless.

Above all, we spent the year focusing on our commitment to customer satisfaction and our dedication to innovation. Our team works together for the benefit of our customers, and we will always go the extra mile to ensure every HVAC contractor has the equipment and supplies they need, when they need them.

Here’s a closer look at the most notable happenings of 2017, as well as a rundown of some of the ways we put the benefits of ductless to work throughout the year.

Our Most Notable Happenings of 2017

We had a very busy year, especially with the newfound awareness of the benefits of ductless HVAC systems. These are a few of our highlights:

  • We were awarded an Imagine Excellence Award for Best B2B Experience. This was easily one of the top moments of our year, and we are honored to have received the award.
  • We partnered with Habitat for Humanity to bring ductless HVAC systems to 500 homes across the US.
  • We rolled out our comprehensive ductless training for HVAC contractors to make sure that the proper information is being shared so that contractors are aware of all of the features available within the equipment.
  • We put on the Home Run Engineering Day at Yankee Stadium, where attendees received valuable information on ductless systems, followed by top-notch seats at a memorable Yankees game.
  • We released the AHRI System Builder, a.k.a. the HVAC contractor’s secret weapon. It makes building all HVAC systems simple, ensures full compatibility, and assists with checking inventory and arranging pick up or delivery.
  • We attended the HVAC Tradeshow at George Washington University in an effort to spread awareness of how beneficial ductless HVAC systems can be for schools and universities.

How We Put Ductless to Work

Due to their extreme versatility, ease of installation, and unbeatable energy efficiency, ductless HVAC systems are in high demand. They can be used in both residential and commercial settings to bring the tenants easily controlled comfort with minimal space requirements. The applications for ductless HVAC systems are literally limitless. Here are just some of the ways we integrated them in 2017:

  • Historical Buildings – Older buildings can be a challenge as an HVAC contractor because you have to work in a limited space without altering the structure of the building. However, our partnered contractors turned to ductless to solve their HVAC issues with ease. This year, CE was involved in renovating the USS North Carolina into a more usable space, and preserving the integrity of the GRTC Bus Depot while transforming it into an on-demand shopping and residential destination.
  • Schools – Whether they are universities or middle schools, educational facilities have a unique HVAC situation because the rooms are diverse (think gymnasium, cafeteria, lecture hall, offices, etc.). This year, ductless VRF technology was incorporated into the Fishburne Military School in Virginia, Richmond County Middle School, and the Albert Einstein Academy in San Diego, California, to help them meet their HVAC needs.
  • Homes Without Ductwork – When a new or existing home requires an upgraded HVAC system, but there is no existing ductwork, trying to install one can be cumbersome. Milestone Homes knew this, and opted for energy-efficient ductless HVAC systems for their new construction homes in Ardmore, Oklahoma, to help them stand out from the competition.
  • Mixed-Use Facilities – When combining retail and residential spaces into the same building, ductless is ideal. This year, we saw ductless systems go into The Morrison, a new addition to the SoHo Corridor, and Cinnamon Shore, a bustling commercial and residential community in Corpus Christi.
  • Medical Facilities – Considering each patient’s unique needs, it can be challenging to keep a medical facility comfortable for everyone. With ductless HVAC systems, this is no longer a concern. This year, we helped many medical facilities discover the drastic change the system can make in both their daily operations and their bottom line. Some of the clinics you will find using ductless are: the Annapolis Regional Outpatient Center, a remote location of the Children’s National Health System; Amber Court, a luxurious assisted living facility in Smithtown, New York; and the Ft. Myers location of DaVita, a dialysis treatment center.

The above examples barely scratch the surface of possible uses for ductless technology. It can be effortlessly integrated into sunrooms, attics, garages, tiny houses, room additions, sheds, and so much more. If your customers are seeking an energy efficient, versatile, simple to use, and easy to maintain HVAC system, our ductless technologies are the best option.

We are thrilled about our growth and continued innovation in 2017, and we can’t wait to see how many more companies and families our HVAC contractors can introduce ductless HVAC systems to in 2018. To learn more about any of our HVAC equipment, contact us today. Our expert team is on standby to answer your questions.

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