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Hvac Educational Event

CE’s Educational HVAC Event at Yankee Stadium was a Grand Slam

THE WIND-UP: HVAC Education at Yankee Stadium

On Friday, August 25, 2017, 30 engineers gathered in the SAP Board Room at Yankee Stadium to gain valuable knowledge from HVAC experts regarding various VRF products and DOAS. The Home Run Engineering Day was co-sponsored by CE and the Association for Facilities Engineering and featured a triple play of valuable sessions. Afterwards, attendees were VIP guests at the Yankee game against the Mariners.

THE PITCH: Carrier and Toshiba-Carrier VRF and DOAS Solutions Presented

The first two classes we held broke down the specs of Carrier’s 2-pipe and 3-pipe VRF systems. Each class dove into one specific unit, where the complete details of the equipment were discussed, as well as the ideal applications for the units and the proper installation procedures.

Carrier is the only HVAC manufacturer that offers both 2-pipe heat pump systems and 3-pipe heat recovery systems, providing engineers with more options to flawlessly fit the needs of the building’s layout. Nick Conklin, Manager of Product Strategy & Support for Carrier|UTC, presented the information to the engineers in attendance, and it is safe to say that everyone learned something new.

The third and final class was presented by Mike Jones, Product Manager for Carrier|UTC. With the growing popularity of DOAS, or dedicated outdoor air systems, for moisture removal, the engineers were anxious to learn about the reheat strategies recommended by the expert. Keeping the indoor environment of commercial facilities comfortable and healthy is a challenge, and knowing the insider secrets to DOAS will certainly help.

THE HOMERUN: VIPs—Star Wars Night—the Yankees vs. Mariners

After the three classes were adjourned, and the 30 engineers in attendance felt like they received invaluable information, it was time to head to Luxury Suite 5 to enjoy the game. We joined two chapters (80 and 4) of the Association for Facilities Engineering for their Scholarship Fundraiser Event, and we thoroughly enjoyed our right-field view of the game. While the game itself was low scoring, with the Mariners coming out on top to beat the Yankees 2-1, we all had a great evening.

At CE, we are dedicated to the education of the engineers and contractors just as much as we are dedicated to providing the highest quality HVAC equipment at a fair price. Our experts are always available to answer any questions you might have, or you can keep an eye out for our next educational event. To learn more about upcoming classes or to ask us any questions, contact us now.