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set yourself apart from competition and close more sales

How to Set Yourself Apart and Close a Sale in the HVAC Market

As you’re probably well aware, the HVAC market is a competitive one. When you’re trying to grow a successful HVAC business, it is critical to set yourself apart from the competition. You want to be the clear choice for customers. This can only be achieved when you focus on delivering the services they demand and exceeding expectations. How customers find you in the first place, the quality of your proposal, and finally, the quality of your overall work are all going to have a big impact on your profits, so don’t skimp on any of it.  

If you want to rise above and build a competitive, thriving HVAC company, it’s time to think about your HVAC marketing strategies and the ways you can close more sales.  

Referrals Are Essential in the HVAC Industry 

While a new business may not have many referral sources, you will slowly build up your referral base if you provide the best customer service you can to each customer you serve. This starts from creating a detailed estimate and having a professional, helpful attitude when presenting the estimate to the customer. Treat each customer as a potential referral source and when you show your expertise, they will feel well taken care of and become your new referral source. Whether they had a service, appointment, or an installation, make sure to call back and follow up, listen to them, and ask for their opinions. You can learn what the customer enjoyed and how to improve your business. You can even ask them for referrals and see if they know anyone that could benefit from similar services. 

Understand Your Customers Are Going to Do Research 

All of the friendliness aside, you need to demonstrate the value in your services. Your customers are going to be doing their research in advance and comparing options.  Price is usually a big factor at this point, so it’s important that customers understand the value-added services you offer when they are comparing. Be sure you clearly advise them on the additional offerings you provide, from emergency services to extended hours and prompt call backs. Many of these perks are worth much more than the price of competition, but your customer won’t know this unless you tell them. Encourage customers to ask the other companies they’re meeting with if they also offer the additional services. This will not only help empower the customer to make an informed decision for their HVAC services, it will also shed a light on the competition’s problematic “cheaper price.”  

Offer Options for All Budgets 

Since not all HVAC equipment is the same, and there are so many different options for customers to choose from, it helps to provide some variety. In addition to setting yourself apart from the competition’s added services, you want to let customers know that you have their best interests in mind and can meet them wherever their budgets are. By offering financing options as well as multiple tiers of equipment – good/better/best and providing the details on why the prices are different in each tier (i.e. more efficiency, lower electric, better IAQ, etc.) –they can select the option they feel confident in.  

Make It Easy to Do Business With Your Company 

Customers today want options. If your business hours are only during the day and you don’t provide evening hours for appointments, your customers are going to turn to someone who can. People are busy with work and families, and few homeowners are going to want to take time off for an HVAC estimate. Be accessible to your customers and make it easy for them to do business with you if you want to impress.  Adding more convenient and flexible appointment times, offering an online chat feature, and allowing potential customers to schedule appointments via the web are all great ways to increase the chances of booking more estimates. Providing around-the-clock emergency services in case something breaks gives your company that reliability factor that others may not have. 

Establish a Strong Internet Presence 

With such easy access to online reviews through places like Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau, your customers are going to look up your business and the equipment you are offering. Poor reviews online are easily discoverable. Resolve any issues when possible and look to have bad reviews removed if they are not accurate. Having no presence online isn’t a good idea, either. While referrals by word of mouth are a great resource, you also need to establish a strong internet presence. Any business trying to make it today is going to struggle if they don’t have a professional, educational website for customers to read. Beyond making sure that reviews about your company aren’t painting you in an unfair light, you have to work on developing your reputation online. It’s wise to align with brands that are high quality, already have a great reputation, and offer great warranty options. Together with the use of social media accounts, blog content creation, and website development, you can build your brand to become the obvious choice.  

Overall, if you’re trying to stay competitive in the HVAC market, it’s important that your customers and potential customers know these advantages and the fact that they won’t be able to find them anywhere else. By strategizing and shaping your marketing strategy to include the above, you will be able to drive better sales, improve customer service, and ultimately leave customers happy and satisfied.  

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