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Benefits of Comfort Heat Technology

Comfort Heat Brings Advanced Temperature Control to Homeowners

When a homeowner comes to you looking to replace or upgrade their heating system, they want a balance between upfront cost and energy efficiency. With Carrier’s proprietary Comfort Heat Technology, found in select multi-stage gas furnace models (like the Carrier Infinity 80% AFUE 70000 Btuh Variable Speed Multipoise Gas Furnace), you can offer your customers an incredibly efficient heating system that can only be found in Carrier’s equipment.

Comfort Heat Technology Explained

Comfort Heat is driven by a patented algorithm found in select Carrier Infinity gas furnaces. It works by continually monitoring both past and current conditions to determine the most effective way to heat the space. It will automatically adjust how much heat to emit and how long the system runs in order to provide a continuous temperature with minimal fluctuations and maximum efficiency. Comfort Heat technology relies on data from the previous 10 heating cycles to correctly determine the most efficient way to heat the space.

Benefits of Comfort Heat Technology

The variable speed blower motor that powers this technology offers enormous benefits for the homeowner. Instead of a never-ending flux of fan speeds and heating and cooling cycles, the system can run constantly, minimizing the temperature fluctuations throughout the home dramatically.

  • Eliminate temperature swings by up to 50 percent and keep the home at the ideal temperature around the clock.
  • Reduce energy expenses by allowing the system to operate at a low-heat capacity.
  • Improve air quality thanks to the continual airflow, and therefore, air filtration.
  • Cut back on the amount of noise produced by the furnace.
  • Decrease the amount of stagnant air in the home by improving air flow, while also eliminating the cold drafts that are all too common with a standard HVAC system.

When your customer comes to you complaining about a loud, expensive-to-operate gas furnace, you can confidently recommend Comfort Heat. With Comfort Heat, you are offering them the best technology in an efficient package. With its patented algorithm, your customers’ homes can stay the ideal temperature all winter long without feeling any of the temperature fluctuations that come with standard heating systems. To learn more about how a furnace equipped with Comfort Heat can benefit your customer, contact CE today.