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Spotlight on Cor Home Automation

We’ve mentioned the Cor smart thermostat many times, but today we are going to take it a step further and introduce the complete Cor Home Automation system. Just like the Cor thermostat, the home automation system was created to be user friendly, innovative, and versatile. It integrates with all of the other smart features in a home, including the Cor Thermostat, to control the entire house from a smartphone or tablet. Here is a closer look at the capabilities and benefits of using the Cor Home Automation system.

What is Cor Home Automation?

From providing around-the-clock peace of mind to allowing effortless control of every aspect of a home, the Cor Home Automation system is a great way for your customers to manage their homes on the go. It is customizable and expandable, so it can be as complex or as simple as desired. Whether your customer wants alerts when their kids gets home from school, the ability to control appliances after leaving the house, to have their homes comfortable when they arrive, or an instant notification if flooding or smoke is present, the Cor Home Automation system does it all.

What It Includes

The Cor Home Automation Smart Start Kit includes everything your customer needs to experience the liberation a smart home provides. The kit includes the hub and stand to get started, as well as three window/door sensors, a motion detector, a water sensor, and one light module that allows lights to be controlled remotely. There are several additional add-ons available, including door locks, security cameras, personal panic buttons, a freeze sensor, smart wall outlets, and so much more. As an HVAC contractor, you can easily install the kit and connect it to the customer’s device.

Benefits of Cor Home Automation

In addition to the ability to control their entire home with a mobile device, the Cor Home Automation system offers other valuable benefits:

  • Warranty Coverage – Give your customers peace of mind with the three-year parts warranty on the Cor Home Automation system.
  • Expandable – Your customers will love being able to begin with the basics and then add on as life and budgets allow.
  • Versatile Controls – As long as they have an internet connection, your customer can keep an eye on their home with any phone, tablet, or laptop, no matter how far away they are.
  • Cor Thermostat Integration – If you customers already use and love the Cor Thermostat, they will especially appreciate how simple it is to connect the Home Automation system. Once connected, they can control the temperature of their home on the go.

The Cor Home Automation System is just one way for you to bring the many benefits of a smart home to your customers. To learn more about the compatible components of the Cor Home Automation system, contact us now.