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Customer Spotlight: Fagnan’s Furnace Service

Fagnan’s Furnace Service (EST. 1971) of Calgary, AB has been a CE Canada customer for over 20 Years. Always looking for way to make their business run more efficiently, Fagnan’s Furnace Service has integrated the CE website into their ordering process.  In 2017, our customer has completed 86% of their orders online and are projecting for 98% in 2018.

Trevor Dickinson of Fagnan’s Furnace Service explains how CE’s technology has changed their business.  “In the past we took the time to phone in our parts, furnace, and A/C orders to the CE store personnel. This was a daily morning occurrence, as well as phoning in the rush parts orders that come up during the day. With the integration of using the CE web site ordering system, we can access pricing and availability of the CE stock of parts and appliances quickly. In the event a part or appliance is not available at our main store we can immediately see which store has availability and make the necessary arrangements from there.”

The CE Mobile app also plays a key role in Fagnan’s Furnace Service business, as Trevor Dickinson explains, “We access our ordering account through the CE APP on our smart phones at any location with WIFI service. With this system we have been able to limit waiting times in getting answers on product availability and pricing back to our customers.”

CE’s digital tools have enabled Fagnan’s Furnace Service to offer much FASTER service thanks to real-time information, available at all hours.  We look forward to a continued successful partnership in 2018.