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Customer Spotlight: Mike Wanzer A/C Co Inc

Wanzer A/C Runs Circles Around the Competition with CE Chat

Mike Wanzer, owner of Mike Wanzer A/C Co Inc in Corpus Christi, has given up calling his local store. Since Mike discovered chat in July 2017, on the first day our chat went live, Mike has changed the way he communicates with his local store and CE as a whole. “When I’m looking for answers from CE, I get them on the spot with CE Chat. Waiting on hold or in line is a thing of the past, I like that!”

We’ve taken online chat to the next level, saving customers time and money by offering customers a digital platform to communicate with CE no matter where they are, a hot attic, their warehouse or like Mike, even in the middle of a run.

Service like that is the reason customers, like Mike Wanzer, have started using our digital tools without looking back. The time Mike used to spend on the phone or at the store is now being used to work on his business, not in his business. “CE Chat… Customer Service delivered as promised. Saves me time and money every day with real time solutions and it works all the time… Thanks CE!”

“The CE Chat crew are the best, they make my life easy…Thanks ya’ll!”