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Customer Spotlight: Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning

Prudhom Heat and Air Conditioning of Oklahoma City, OK opened their doors for service in 2003, starting from their home garage with one truck and growing to today’s 5000 sq. ft. building with a fleet of trucks.  Prudhom Heat and Air is a family owned and operated business, owned by Ernie, Dustin, and Chris Prudhom.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, they strive for excellence in every aspect of their business.

Over the past year, they have moved to transform the efficiency and organization of their business through the implementation of many processes and procedures, as well as integrating digital tools, including the CE Website and HVAC Assist Mobile App.  CE’s website allowed Prudhom Heat and Air Conditioning to allow for more freedom to order not constrained by hours of operation or availability of a representative.  Overall access to information in the office and in the field was important in to their business model.

Ecommerce and CE App allows me to be more knowledgeable about products, saves time, and is convenient to use both in the office and in the field.” — Dustin Prudhom.

Prudhom Heat and Air Conditioning began their transformation through business coaching with SBE, Service Business Evolution, in early 2017.  With the implementation of new processes and procedures in the business, digital tools assisted in providing increased efficiency in the business, enabling them to work “on” their business rather “in” their business.