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Customer Spotlight: Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning

We recently sat down with Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning, a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. We are thrilled to hear that our digital initiatives are having a positive impact on their business, helping them to save time, increase accuracy, and become even more organized!

CE’s website allows Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning to order online at any time of day, even when the sales centers are closed. In addition, it has saved them time on the phone, waiting on hold for a CSR to assist with their order.  The CE site has given them the ability also to check pricing and availability of parts on-the-fly, so they are able to offer their customers a more accurate quote and more efficient service.

They use the List feature on CE site all the time.  It helps their staff learn the parts that ordered most often, especially if the team member is new to the HVAC industry.  The List also help with cost control, as they give our team a concise list of the parts that were ordered and photos validate to ensure they are ordering the appropriate part.

On the equipment side, both their Home Comfort Advisors and our Service Techs enjoy the CE site, as it gives them access to all the product data, specifications, and manuals.  This information gives the team the knowledge they need to provide our customers outstanding service and the best equipment and parts to meet their needs.

Last, but not least, Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning’s Accounting Department loves CE site, too! It makes it easy to find and refer to orders, credits, and warranty returns without having to go through files of paper bills from the vendor.  The ease of use has definitely been a differentiator for CE, and it makes their accounting team’s job easier!

We are so pleased to have Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning as a partner in HVAC. It truly is a pleasure working with their team to support them with continuous enhancements as they grow!