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Comfort Institute Proves Interior Leaks Impact Energy Efficiency

It is commonly believed that duct sealing is only beneficial if the leak occurs in an unconditioned space, such as an attic or basement. However, the Comfort Institute, in partnership with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA), released updated findings that prove otherwise. Rob McCracken, GCEA’s director of operations, reports that after initial data has been collected, they can say with confidence that duct sealing in conditioned spaces is equally important.

Duct Sealing is Important Inside the Home, Too

Many professionals in the HVAC space have accepted the passed-on belief that ductwork leaks located inside the home do not impact energy efficiency enough to make warrant a repair. Instead, they only focus on addressing duct leaks that are located in easy-to-access areas away from the conditioned spaces, such as those in unfinished basements. However, past studies have failed to thoroughly evaluate just how much of an impact duct sealing can make when completed on the harder-to-reach, interior leaks located throughout the HVAC system.

About the Study

To complete the study, the Comfort Institute tested 11 homes in the Cincinnati area. Multiple tests were performed on each home, such as blower door tests, to see how much air was leaking through the building envelope. Then, the team performed high-quality Aeroseal duct sealing on all interior ducts—this was the only work done. After the duct sealing was complete, the same tests were repeated to see if there was a reduction in leaks and an increase in energy efficiency.

The Results

The study showed, without question, that interior duct sealing does play a role in energy efficiency. In fact, the homes in the study reported a 5 – 15% reduction in energy consumption after the ducts were sealed, with variables including the size of the home, the number of floors, and the number of leaks that were found. Regardless, every home reported lower heating and cooling costs after the duct sealing was completed.

Perform Testing & Duct Sealing for Your Customers

These new findings present the perfect opportunity for you to help your customers and earn more business for yourself. With a quick test and duct sealing, you can cut your customer’s HVAC expenses by as much as 15%. Over time, these savings will add up, and you can assure your customers that they will pay for the duct sealing service time and again with the money they save.

HVAC systems require ductwork throughout the home, yet finding and repairing the leaks in interior spaces can be difficult. However, with proper duct sealing throughout the entire HVAC system, instead of just the easy-to-access locations, enormous energy savings can be achieved. To learn more about the most effective duct sealing products available, contact CE today.