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ductless HVAC system for tiny houses

HVAC for Tiny Houses: Choose Ductless to Make the Most of Your Customer’s Tiny House

It seems like everywhere you look, people are talking about tiny houses. This is a trend that is here to stay, and HVAC contractors should be prepared. Some tiny house owners may think that an HVAC system is not an option due to their limited space, so they turn to space heaters or stand-alone fans to keep their home at a comfortable temperature.

But, as you know, with a ductless HVAC system, tiny house owners can still equip their home with a proper HVAC system and experience the multitude of comfort that comes with it. Here’s a closer look at why ductless HVAC systems are ideal for small spaces, like tiny houses, tree houses, and sheds.

They Require Very Little Space

One non-negotiable requirement of HVAC systems for tiny houses is a petite footprint. With a ductless HVAC system, all that is required is a small wall space to mount the unit, a minimal area available for the outdoor unit, and access to electricity. That’s it. So even in a tiny house that has capitalized on every square inch, there is almost always room for a ductless HVAC system. They don’t invade the available square footage, and they don’t require any in-wall ductwork.

They Are Simple and Quick to Install

Many tiny house builders like to get things done quickly, so it’s a good thing that a basic ductless HVAC unit can usually be installed within one day.

They Have Minimal Noise Output

When living in a small space, every single noise is magnified. Luckily, ductless HVAC systems are extremely quiet. Tiny house owners can have it on and still speak to each other in a normal voice—no screaming required.

They Are Safer and More Effective Than Space Heaters/Fans

Most tiny houses simply do not have room for a standard HVAC system, so many owners rely on space heaters or fans to achieve a comfortable temperature. However, space heaters require an open space around them to avoid fire —and in a tiny house, space comes at a premium. And, when temperatures are above 85 degrees, a fan will only do so much. The power of air conditioning is almost always necessary when it gets above a certain temperature, especially if there are any children or pets living in the home.


With a ductless HVAC system, tiny house owners no longer have to sacrifice their comfort level just because of the size of their home. To learn more about HVAC for tiny houses, contact us now.