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New Home Development in Ardmore, OK Receives All Ductless Mini-Split Systems

With so many new home developments in the works, Milestone Homes wanted a way to stand out from their competitors. To do this, CEO Lance Windel decided to make their homes extremely energy efficient while focusing on quality. Therefore, when it was time to select the HVAC systems for his latest Ardmore, Oklahoma development, he turned to Carrier ductless mini-splits in each home.

Brad Yeldon of TopTech in Ardmore, OK took on the task of installing 45 Carrier mini-splits for Phase I of the development—which is almost complete—and already has 90 Carrier additional mini-splits on hand for Phase II—which is just getting started.

The Goal: Live Up to the Promise

In the marketing campaign for Milestone Homes, there is a huge emphasis on providing the most comfortable living space with a low cost of home ownership. In fact, they even guarantee that every home they build in Ardmore, OK will exceed energy code standards set by the OG&E Positive Energy Home Program by forty percent. They tout lower energy bills to prospective homeowners, and they paint a picture of green living at its finest. Therefore, they needed to provide every resident with an extremely energy efficient system that will deliver on these promises.

The Solution: Ductless Mini-Splits

When comparing HVAC systems, it was clear to Mr. Windel that Carrier ductless mini-splits were the best option if he wanted to provide homeowners with the most efficient system. Carrier mini-splits take up minimal space outdoors and do not require a duct system, which means there is no energy wasted by transferring energy via air like traditional split air conditioning systems.

Each Carrier mini-split outdoor unit can be connected to up to four indoor units, with each one being able to be controlled independently. This means that homeowners will only need to heat or cool the space they are using, which will save them a tremendous amount of money.

An additional benefit is the small footprint of both the mini-split’s outdoor and indoor units, so homeowners can make more use out of their square footage, and for Milestone Homes, the reduced size of equipment results in less installation time resulting in a savings in labor cost. In fact, TopTech’s Brad Yeldon is now able to install a complete two-ton system in under eight hours.

Results: More Ductless Mini-Splits for Phase III

With Phase I just about complete, the Carrier ductless mini-splits are already being put to the test in Ardmore, Oklahoma with scorching temperatures (nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and intense humidity! Even under these extreme conditions, the interior of the homes remain a pleasant 74 degrees making Lance Windel, the builder, extremely happy with the performance of the equipment—so much so that he promises an order of another 150-200 Carrier mini-splits when Phase III begins in late 2017.

Installing Carrier ductless mini-splits in an entire new home development is a big shift in the current home-building mindset, but with impressive results and happy customers, it is sure to become more common.