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EasyStock: A CE Managed Inventory Solution

The start of a new year brings another tool from CE designed to make contractors’ lives easier.  EasyStock, a CE managed inventory solution, works directly with businesses to minimize stocking issues while maximizing savings and efficiency. Best of all, it requires no upfront costs, labor-intensive setup, or expensive hardware.

How It Works

All it takes to begin managing your inventory with EasyStock is to download the CE mobile app.  From there, CE will partner with you to evaluate your warehouse, set min/max inventory levels, and recommend any layout and location management improvements. After working together to create the initial inventory list, contractors can replenish stock straight from the app—no need to head back to the office or phone in an order.

One of the pilot customers for EasyStock is A Plus HVAC out of Westfield, Massachusetts. Ryan Snide, Installation Manager, states that, “Using EasyStock has been a smooth transition. We are able to separate the materials used by the Install department and the Service department. The kickoff was very easy. Once we had our labels printed and placed with the stock, we were placing orders the same day.”

CE will also conduct training to ensure that everyone is well versed in the process. After the initial onboarding, either your in-house team or our planning experts can easily evaluate inventory and re-order stock as needed.  All of this comes at no cost to the dealer.

Why Contractors Will Love It

Running an HVAC business involves a lot of moving parts. Any way to make processes simpler and more efficient is beneficial for your bottom line in the long run. Here is a brief list of ways that EasyStock can help you:

  • Improve customer service – having the right items on hand when they’re needed means you can finish the job quickly.
  • Increase cash on hand – managing stock based on actual usage and demand frees up capital for other purposes.
  • Save money and time – no wasting time running to a supplier for last minute items or manually entering orders, thereby increasing billable hours.

A Plus saw these benefits and more from joining EasyStock.  “Before using EasyStock, there were multiple people working on tracking the shop stock items that needed to be ordered. Now, we can quickly look at the shop stock, scan the label and choose the quantity to be ordered all in few quick steps,” according to Ryan.

If you’re having trouble managing your on-hand inventory, or just want to streamline your reordering process, get started with EasyStock today!  Contact a CE sales representative or visit www.carrierenterprise.com/easystock to learn more.