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See how CE Ductless Systems upgraded an apartment complex

Case Study: Fairmont Apartments in Washington, D.C.

Located within the historic neighborhood of Columbia Heights rests a gorgeous Section 8 apartment complex called Fairmont Apartments. While the apartment complex itself has been around for some time, it recently underwent a complete upgrade and renovation, which included replacing the existing HVAC system with Carrier ductless systems.

About the Fairmont Apartments

The Fairmont Apartments are comprised of two distinct Section 8 housing facilities. They aim to provide residents who require minimal rent with a home that feels like it is high end. The apartments offer families of all sizes an affordable place to live with the a wide-array of amenities and features. The two buildings feature apartments of various sizes to accommodate all qualifying applicants, so there are many different spaces to heat and cool.

The Goal: Reduce HVAC Expenses and Accommodate Historic Architecture

When the Fairmont Apartments began planning their renovation, they knew the HVAC systems needed some serious work due to age and inefficiency of the units. However, because the building is historic, they required an HVAC system that would work with the minimal space between the walls and ceilings. They wanted systems that would provide the varying tenant spaces the heating and cooling required, all the while being affordable both for construction budgets and for the residents’ monthly rent.

The Solution: Carrier Ductless Provides Cost-Effective Heating and Cooling

When the Fairmont Apartments’ design team communicated with the CE team in the D.C. area, it was immediately decided that Carrier ductless systems were the ideal solution for the facilities, because of the systems’ abilities to allow individual control, their minimal physical space requirement, and most importantly for their overall energy efficiency.

The Results: Carrier Ductless Impresses Both Management and Residents

When the owners of the Fairfield Apartments first started planning the renovation of their historic building, they imagined a facility that would provide their residents with an inviting, efficient place to call home. Ductless systems were clearly the perfect choice for this Section 8 housing project, and all parties couldn’t be more pleased with the final results. The installation of the systems allowed for minimal architectural changes and independent control of the heating and cooling in each of the apartments regardless of size and shape! Meeting these requirements, created a satisfied owner group and happy tenants!