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HVAC Parts & Supplies Spotlight: Yellow Jacket Deluxe Flaring Tool #60278

Whenever we get our hands on a product that can save HVAC contractors time and money, we simply have to share it. Today, we are excited to show you the Yellow Jacket Deluxe Flaring Tool (model 60278). Designed to work flawlessly with new R-410A requirements, it takes the guesswork out of any flaring job. You can use the flaring tool with copper pipes ranging from 1/8” to 3/4” O.D. It works with a drill (the proper drill bit is included), or you can operate it manually.

Why a Flaring Tool Designed for R-410A Matters

The biggest reason to invest in an automatic flaring tool is because of the vast differences between the R-22 you used to use, and the R-410A you are required to use now. R-410A is much higher in pressure, so when you connect the refrigerant tubes, you need a deeper flare with a large diameter to create strong enough joints.

With other flaring tools, you have to be meticulous with every move, making sure you push through the exact amount of tubing you need. However, with this Yellow Jacket flaring tool, all of the guesswork is taken away. Since it has a height stop built in, you no longer have to measure the flares or even know how deep the flare needs to be when you are working with R-410A. The flaring tool features a built-in clutch assembly, so as soon as it releases, you know you are done.

Benefits of the Yellow Jacket Flaring Tool

As an HVAC contractor, time is money—and when you get the job done right the first time, you can save yourself both. John Ayan, Assistant Product Line Manager at CE, says that HVAC contractors have reported a near 100% success rate with this new flaring tool. This is amazing news because other flaring tools do not offer the same peace of mind.

When there is a callback for leaks, it is often incorrect flares that are to blame and not broken equipment. And when that happens, you are at fault. You have to go back out to your customer’s property and re-flare the piping to create a strong enough seal to hold in the R-410A. This will take at least 1 – 2 hours, plus travel time, to diagnose and recharge the HVAC system. This free-to-the-customer callback just cost you billable time that you could have been using for a paying customer.

Is the one-time price of owning the new Yellow Jacket flaring tool worth the investment? We think that is a rhetorical question. It will not only make the initial job easier, but it will prevent unnecessary repairs. Don’t take any chances – invest in the Yellow Jacket Deluxe Flaring Tool online or at a local CE Sales Center. If you have any questions about the flaring tool, or you would like to learn about other HVAC tools that can make your job easier, contact us now.

The Yellow Jacket Flaring Tool is designed to work flawlessly with the new R-410 A requirements.
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