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10 Free HVAC Training Resources for HVAC Apprentices

10 Free HVAC Training Resources for HVAC Apprentices 

Whether you’re a current HVAC apprentice or are thinking about enrolling in an apprenticeship program, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the cost of various courses and required materials. While these are all undoubtedly important aspects of your apprenticeship, the good news is that there are all kinds of great and free resources available, including free HVAC training courses, HVAC podcasts, and free HVAC training online.

  1. Target Superheat Calculator

Being able to calculate superheat is a must for any HVAC apprentice. This number is important in order to ensure that an HVAC system’s compressor or evaporator is being properly fed with flashing refrigerant. This free mobile app from CE makes it easy to come up with an accurate figure.

  1. Three-Phase Voltage Imbalance Calculator

Easily calculate three-phase voltage by entering three simple parameters with this voltage imbalance calculator. It can help HVAC apprentices prolong the life of an HVAC unit’s three-phase motor.

  1. Nitrogen Pressure Calculator

Understanding how nitrogen pressure can be affected by other pressure is important in this industry. This free nitrogen pressure calculator on our mobile app helps apprentices measure and detect potential leaks within a system.

  1. Free Online HVAC Lesson

Not quite sure whether a career as an HVAC technician is right for you? This HVAC school offers free HVAC courses and lessons, including online videos, flash cards, an online grading center, and more.

  1. Introduction to Heating, Ventilation, and AC Course Material

When it comes to free HVAC resources, this course material is a great place to start. It offers all the course materials for John A Logan College’s introduction to Heating, Ventilation, and AC class. Download it for free today and work at your own leisure.

  1. HVAC Course Material

More free course material is available in this Truckee Meadows Community College class on HVAC/R, gas furnaces, and ice machines. This is a great resource for apprentices considering both residential and commercial applications.

  1. Air Conditioning Servicing Course Material

Learn specifically about the troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning systems with this free course material from Truckee Meadows Community College. This material covers topics such as the cooling cycle, chilled water systems, heat pumps, and cooling towers.

  1. Auto Heating/AC Lab and Theory Course Material

Interested in specializing in auto HVAC? This free course material from Minnesota State College is a great resource to learn about troubleshooting auto heating and AC systems.

  1. HVAC School Basic Tool List

Learn more about the basic tools you’ll want to have on your belt before you dive into a career as an HVAC technician. From flexible bit extensions and screwdriver sets to refrigerant hoses and wire cutters, this guide is a great starting point for some of the best and most essential tools out there.

  1. Recommended Free YouTube Videos

Visual learners will enjoy these free YouTube videos, which offer topics ranging from detecting gas leaks to replacing residential indoor TXV equipment. These videos are great to check out in your spare time and can provide you with valuable HVAC tips that you can use throughout your career.

These are some of the best free HVAC resources to help you on your journey to becoming an HVAC technician. Be sure to check them out for yourself and see which will be most fitting for your needs.

Are you looking for HVAC training opportunities and resources to better your knowledge and education of the industry? Contact our team at CE today for more information and additional opportunities.