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Gree E-TAC for the Hospitality Industry | HVAC for Hotels with Gree E-TAC

Spotlight on the New Gree E-TAC for the Hospitality Industry

Providing heating and cooling for the hospitality industry is no easy task, but with the new and improved Gree E-TAC (Engineered Terminal Air Conditioner), it just got a lot easier. The Gree E-TAC will keep up with your customers’ demanding HVAC needs, while proving the ultimate level of comfort for their guests. Here’s a closer look at the Gree E-TAC—otherwise known as the ideal HVAC solution for hotels.

It Provides Complete Comfort and Optimum Efficiency

The Gree E-TAC is the most energy-efficient PTAC model available, featuring an EER rating up to 12.2. Plus, it comes with preset temperature limits to prevent hotel guests from overusing energy. The Gree E-TAC is programmable to help reduce costs, and it also features a dehumidification option that will keep moisture issues under control when necessary.

It Installs Effortlessly and Is Simple to Maintain

The Gree E-TAC easily connects to any wall thermostat—either wired or wireless—with no ductwork required, so installation is a breeze. It was designed to fit within a standard wall sleeve (42” by 16”) and is loaded with features to make maintenance uncomplicated. These include front-access air filters that are cleanable and reusable, a special coating on the coils to make them easy to clean, and an LED display that provides on-screen troubleshooting. Plus, all Gree E-TAC units are backed by a limited five-year warranty to help your customers focus on running their businesses, not fixing their HVAC systems.

It Allows Fresh Air to Come In

One big concern for HVAC in hotels is a lack of ventilation. Without enough air circulation, people tend to get sick more often. With the Gree E-TAC, this is no longer a concern. Each unit has a ventilation system that allows up to 65 CFM of fresh air into the room. Best of all, the level to allow the air in is hidden from guests, so only management will be able to activate this setting.

It Blends Into Your Decor

As important as energy efficiency and ease of use are, for many hotels, it’s all about the appearance. With Gree E-TAC units, hotel owners can be proud to show off their rooms. The units are sleek and slim and made to be inconspicuous, so there’s no need to worry about it clashing with the design of the room.


If you are looking for the premier solution for both the hotel’s bottom line and the patron’s comfort, the Gree E-TAC is the most efficient option on the market. To learn more about the numerous benefits of the Gree E-TAC, contact us now.