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Carrier Ductless Installation At Grtc Bus Depot

GRTC Bus Depot Renovation Incorporates Carrier Ductless to Become a Popular Destination in Richmond

Although the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) bus depot has been vacant since 2010, it won’t be for much longer. Late last year, DKJ Richmond LLC announced plans to transform the late 19th-century trolley system hub into a sought-after retail and residential mecca. This seven-acre setup is exactly what Carrier Ductless systems were designed for. It is going to be the equipment behind the scenes, that provides residents, shop owners, and visitors the ideal temperature and optimum efficiency year round they desire.

About the GRTC Bus Depot Project

The historic GRTC bus depot renovation estimated at $35 million in upgrades and improvements includes two mixed-use complexes and seven restored buildings. In total, the renovation, led by Contractor W.G. Speeks and Project Manager Ron Hall, will be home to almost 300 luxury apartments and 16,000 square feet of professional offices and retail space. The building facing Cary Street will be retail space, including a hair salon, dry cleaner, bakery, deli, and bicycle shop, while the building on Grayland Avenue will focus on health-care and business offices, with some residential space mixed in.

Carrier Ductless Helps Preserve the History of the GRTC Bus Depot

Because the developers of the GRTC bus depot understand that they are working with a historical site, they want to preserve the structure of the buildings as much as possible—this makes incorporation of the HVAC system an important consideration and design parameter. Fortunately, by utilizing Carrier Ductless systems, the project can meet these total space utilization requirements and the architecture of the buildings can stay intact.

With such a diverse tenant base, the requirement to maintain individualized comfort was paramount, and was achieved through multi-zone Ductless systems. This zoning strategy allows the building owners to monitor each tenant’s energy consumption while delivering less energy than a traditional HVAC system.

Considering the complexity of the GRTC’s architectural structure and the diverse tenant heating and cooling requirements, Carrier Ductless systems were the ideal choice for the GRTC bus depot renovation. Once the newly built and remodeled structures are open for business, everyone who steps foot inside these spaces will feel the incredible impact the Carrier Ductless systems can have.