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historic home renovation with ductless

Case Study for Historic Home Renovation in Florida

A local business in Tarpon Springs, Florida, purchased a historic 4200 square foot home with the goal of converting it into an efficient, comfortable office space. With the help of CE and A-Bear Refrigeration, Inc., a Toshiba Carrier VRF system was installed to provide the updated building with versatility and efficiency while maximizing the limited available space.

The Goal: Minimal Power Output, Dehumidification, and Zoning Capabilities

This historic home renovation was performed on a home that was built in 1900, so its existing power capacity was minimal. However, it still needed to be properly heated and cooled, and dehumidification was also a top concern since the home is located in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Additionally, since the renovated building was going to be used as an office space, the ability to heat and cool each space individually was paramount, yet the integrity of the architecture needed to be considered.

The Solution: A Ductless VRF System

After reviewing the project, Sam Farrar of CE knew immediately that the Toshiba Carrier VRF would be the perfect solution for this historic home renovation. After partnering with A-Bear Refrigeration, Inc. of Holiday, Florida, a 6-Ton Single Phase Heat Recovery system was installed. This was the ideal choice not only because its installation did not require any ductwork or architectural alterations and the wide variety of indoor unit options ensured that each placement could be optimized, but the entire system including the Outdoor unit was able to fit into the facilities single phase power capacity which eliminated any need for costly electrical upgrades.

In converting this home into an office space, high wall units, ceiling cassettes, and concealed fan coils were all implemented. These options freed up valuable floor space while allowing for easy reconfiguration should the needs of the office building change in the future. Additionally, the Toshiba Carrier VRF system can be controlled one room at a time, so only the spaces that are being used are turned on, and each occupant can stay comfortable on their own terms.

The Results: Improved Efficiency and Independent Controls

The owners of the newly renovated office space are ecstatic with the results. The new system uses substantially less power than the old HVAC system, keeping expenses down. The ability to control each room independently, including simultaneous heating and cooling, has been extremely well received by all, and any patrons that enter the building are pleased to see that the historic aesthetics of the home remain intact.


This historic home-turned-office-building renovation was completed in less than two months from the first proposal to the final start-up. The customer’s deadline was easily met, and they are very pleased with the service and the equipment provided by CE and A-Bear Refrigeration, Inc.