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Why You Should Keep Your Truck Stocked with Universal Heating Parts from Honeywell

A heating system is dependent on many parts to function properly, and when one part fails to do its job, the entire system can shut down. As an HVAC contractor, your customers rely on you to quickly and effectively repair their HVAC system, and with Honeywell’s universal heating parts, you can be sure to have the perfect match every time. Honeywell’s universal HVAC parts are able to replace hundreds of OEM parts, so you can maximize the space in your truck while ensuring your customer can always be taken care of.

Why Keep Your Truck Stocked with Honeywell Universal Heating Parts?

Honeywell is a trusted name in the HVAC industry, and they make a series of universal heating parts crafted to be compatible with almost all heating brands. By stocking these items instead of worrying about OEM parts, you can benefit in many ways:

  • You can take care of your customer immediately.
  • You don’t have to worry extra service trips.
  • You can maximize the space in your truck instead of having to fill your shelves with parts from multiple brands.
  • You can complete jobs faster, clearing up more time for additional work.
  • You can reduce your overhead expenses by requiring a smaller inventory.

Types of Universal Honeywell Heating Parts Available at CE

Honeywell’s suite of universal heating parts offers unmatched compatibility and dependability, making their parts able to effectively replace several brands and models of heating equipment. The top universal Honeywell parts we carry at CE include:

  • Gas ValvesHoneywell valves are ideal for essentially all residential or commercial heating equipment and they can operate under almost any DSI or IP.
  • Ignitors Honeywell ignitors are compatible with over 110 igniters made by different brands, making them the ideal universal replacement part.
  • Limit Switches – Just one universal limit by Honeywell can replace as many as 30 different OEM switches.

Why Choose CE for Universal Honeywell Heating Parts

At CE, we carry a full line-up of universal heating parts to fulfill all of your heating repair needs. Honeywell provides high-quality, easily compatible parts that eliminate the need to stock anything else, and their easy-to-use guide makes it simple to find the part you require.

When you are looking to stock your truck, you can depend on CE. We strive to keep all of the Honeywell universal heating parts you need on hand and ready for you to pick up or get delivered, and our online inventory is real-time, so you can be sure we have the parts before you head to one of our stores.


If you want to reduce your overhead expenses, improve your service times, and keep your customers happy, then Honeywell’s universal heating parts are the answer. Stock up your truck today and be prepared for any repair that comes your way. Contact us today to learn more.