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Learn about the upgrades at Hope House with Carrier Ductless Systems with Sensibo

Case Study: Hope House in Laurel, MD

Located in Laurel, Maryland, the Hope House Treatment Center is a non-profit medical facility that is committed to helping men and women overcome alcohol and drug addiction and go on to live a healthy life. The facility, which used to be a car dealership, was in need of an HVAC system upgrade that would allow for efficiency and off-site control, and Carrier ductless systems were chosen to meet their needs. 

About the Hope House Treatment Center  

The Hope House Treatment Center diagnoses and treats those who are struggling with drug or alcohol addictions. Within the facility, the patients receive both medical treatment during the withdrawal period, as well as in-patient counseling and life-skills for the future. The facility is open around the clock and has a full staff of physicians, counselors, nurses, and more. As such, the facility needs the ability to provide efficient heating and cooling for a variety of spaces, including patient rooms, large gathering areas, cafeteria facilities, etc. 

The Goal: Efficiency and Off-site Controls  

With any renovation, establishing a set of occupant and budget goals is necessary.  When Hope House looked at this requirement they established three very important criteria.  First, energy efficiency was extremely important; additionally, with varied “work” spaces to heat and cool, they knew they had to be able to control each room independently, because of the wide-variety of activities in each space, finally, it was extremely important for this facility to be able to control the HVAC system remotely from a centralized point within the facility or even from a facility outside this one.  

The Solution: Carrier Ductless with Sensibo 

In order to achieve these objectives and secure the project, Minnicks Inc. from Laurel, Maryland, performed a comprehensive pre-site investigation within the Hope House Center. During this investigation, they discussed the best design for the project and analyzed how the ductless systems would achieve the Center’s requirements and goals. Once awarded the project, Minnicks Inc. got to work installing the ductless systems. The indoor units utilized Sensibo Wi-Fi units for achieving the Center’s goal of remote connectivity and the provided ductless systems achieved incredible energy efficiency and independent space temperature control. 

The Results: Carrier Ductless Provides Versatility and Efficiency 

The Hope House Treatment Center is thrilled with the results of their upgraded system. They love that they can control the system no matter where they are, and they appreciate the ability to control the temperature of each room independently. In fact, the project was so successful, the contractor and the management are in talks to renovate their other location in Crownsville. Stay tuned for more from Minnicks Inc.