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How to Design a Good PR and Communications Plan?

Regardless of the industry—including HVAC—the components of good public relations and communication campaigns are similar. Just as is true in achieving your mission and bringing your vision to reality, you cannot expect to reach your communications goals unless you and your team have a clear picture or plan for doing so.

Designing your plan is like building with blocks, one layer at a time. So let’s take a look at the blocks you can use to build your communications plan and get it all down in writing:

 Goal

 Audience/Target Markets

 Objectives

 Strategies & Key Messages

 Communications Conduits

o Company Website

o E-mail

o Social Media

o Media (radio, TV, print)

 Implementation Tactics & Tools

o Events

o Sponsorships

o Speeches

o Networking

o Lunch & Learns

o Monthly or Quarterly Newsletter