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The CE Team in South Texas Throws Unforgettable and Educational Events for HVAC Contractors

At CE, we are dedicated to providing the best service to HVAC contractors across the country, and we do this in a variety of ways. Recently, our South Texas team hosted an incredible recruiting event at Karbach Brewing Company, and they have another event, a crawfish boil, coming up shortly. We love to hear about how our CE team in South Texas is committed to their customers, and we wanted to let you know about the amazing events they put on. Perhaps it can inspire you to start planning one for your own customers.

About the Karbach Brewing Event

Earlier this month, the South Texas CE team hosted a recruiting event at Karbach Brewing Company. With a large turnout of HVAC contractors and engineers in attendance, the event was a success. While there was plenty of tasting great beer, eating delicious food, and socializing with peers, there was also an incredibly informative presentation by Justin Richey.

Justin spoke to the attendees about the ductless systems available by CE and touched on all of the top selling points for the HVAC contractors to point out to their customers. It’s safe to say that everyone who attended was glad they were there, and our South Texas team was certainly glad to have them.

About the Crawfish Boil

The South Texas team hosted a similar event on April 27; however, this one had a different menu and agenda. At this event, the team served up boiled shrimp & crawfish. Crawfish boils are well known in the South for evoking great conversation and fun, and this event was no different!  Over 150 HVAC contractors and engineers from the area came by to partake in the festivities.

In addition to being available to discuss the benefits of ductless, VRF, and PTAC systems, this event aimed to get rid of the old, obsolete, and excess inventory that the CE team had in the warehouse. HVAC contractors received a great price on great products and the South Texas region was able to make some room for all of the new HVAC equipment being introduced to the market.

The HVAC industry is ever-changing, and at CE, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best technology available. With events like these, our regional teams can spread the word to local HVAC contractors and engineers while also putting on a fun event that will be remembered by all. They are a great opportunity for peers to network with each other, and they provide the chance to introduce new technologies. To learn more about possible events you can host, contact CE now.