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Maintenance Plans: Your Secret for Year-Round Success

Maintenance Plans: Your Secret for Year-Round Success

Seasonality presents many unknowns for the HVAC contractor. While you can’t control when an HVAC system will need a repair or when you will get a new customer, there is a way for you to earn a residual income that will give you some peace of mind in the face of an often unpredictable business: maintenance plans.

What Are Maintenance Plans?

A maintenance plan is a contract with a customer in which they pay you a pre-determined fee and, in return, you provide them with a variety of maintenance needs throughout the year. Some HVAC contractors refer to their maintenance plans as a “Comfort Club” or something similar to highlight the value delivered to the customer. Most contractors will create a few plan options, so the customer can choose between a good, better, and best option.

Why You Need Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plans are an excellent way to provide the HVAC contractor with a residual, dependable income each time a customer pays the plan’s fees. Maintenance plans also benefit the relationship you have with your customer. Regular contact with your customers helps to establish trust and helps you to learn more about their home comfort needs. Also, you will have visibility into their equipment twice a year, allowing you to ensure its health and offer any maintenance or small repairs that might prevent a larger problem later.

Types of Maintenance Plans to Offer

A maintenance plan will include a spring checkup and a fall checkup, making sure the respective systems are in working order before they are needed.  A basic plan may just include the inspections, while an upgraded plan could include additional repair work and/or replacement parts. You may consider discounts on service calls, parts, and/or repairs. You can even give priority in your schedule and/or extended hours when they need repairs to ensure they feel valued.

Key Advantages to Highlight for Customers

More than anything, maintenance plans provide your customers with peace of mind. They don’t have to stress about finding an HVAC contractor to come out twice per year, and they can know that their systems are in good working order before they are used. In addition to that, there are several selling points you can highlight in your marketing materials and on social media accounts:

  • Catch Minor Issues – This way, the customer won’t have to deal with large, expensive repairs in the future.
  • Save Them Money – You will be able to locate leaks and other damage that could be impacting efficiency.
  • Stop HVAC Surprises – If the equipment is inspected twice a year, there is a good chance the customer won’t end up with a mid-season HVAC emergency.
  • Eliminate Hassles – You will contact your customers when they are due for service, and they will know exactly whom to call when any issues arise.

Maintenance plans for HVAC contractors are a win-win: You have a dependable residual income, while your customers have peace of mind that their HVAC system is always operating at its best. To learn more, contact CE now.