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4 Ways to Prep Your Customers’ HVAC Systems for the Cold Weather Ahead

Frigid temperatures are just around the corner, which means now is the time to contact your customers so you can properly prepare their HVAC systems for the winter. By reaching out to your customers and expressing concern for their comfort during the months ahead, you will make them feel valued, while also setting yourself up as the HVAC expert in your area. Here are the steps you should take to ensure your customers have an efficient HVAC system come winter:

Replace the Air Filters

You might be surprised just how long it’s been since your customers changed their air filters. It’s not that they don’t change them intentionally; time just goes by a lot faster than they realize. As you know, air filters should be changed every three months, and with the A/C running in full force all summer, it’s imperative that new air filters are installed for when the heat kicks on.

Inspect the System to Prevent Problems

With the heating system off for months, it’s not uncommon for little things to need replacing. Or, perhaps there are new potential fire hazards within the HVAC system that need to be cleaned out before the hot air starts pumping through the pipes. By offering your customers a full HVAC inspection before they turn on the heat for the first time, they will be able to rest easy knowing their system is safe and operating at maximum efficiency. And, if you do discover anything awry, you will have time to replace the HVAC parts before they become a much bigger issue.

Ensure There Are No Drafts

You know how expensive air drafts can be for your customers, but that doesn’t mean they do. Take the opportunity to give your customers a warning now so they have time to fix them before the heat is pumping around the clock. This is a great way to initiate a conversation on social media or in an email, and it shows your customers that you have their best interest in mind.

Check the Indoor Air Quality

Air filters are a great first step to keeping the air clean, but a full air quality inspection will really give your customers peace of mind. By acting now, your customer can beat the cold-weather rush, and they can sleep easy knowing their family is breathing in clean air. Make sure you keep a solid supply of ductwork supplies and compressor parts on hand so you can immediately repair any issues that may arise.


As an HVAC contractor, the season change is the ideal time to initiate contact with your customers and attract new business. By using these four steps as an icebreaker, you can fill up your schedule and prove your expertise to your customers.