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how HVAC contractors deal with negative reviews

How HVAC Contractors Should Deal with Negative Reviews

As an HVAC contractor, you rely on positive reviews to grow your business. So when a negative one arises (and eventually, one will), you need to act swiftly to ensure it does not wreak havoc on your company. Below we will outline the best course of action to take when you get a negative review online, such as on Google, Yelp, the BBB, or anywhere else. We will also show you how you can capitalize on the services we offer to HVAC contractors to help you avoid negative reviews in the first place.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

When you first discover a negative review online, you will probably be (understandably) upset. You go above and beyond for your customers, and the last thing you want is for them to be unhappy. Just know that you can’t please everyone, and a negative review is pretty much inevitable at some point. However, your reaction when you get one can make or break your business.

  • First and foremost, always take the high road. Do not become accusatory or make excuses. Accept that you made a mistake—as all HVAC contractors occasionally do—and state that you always welcome feedback and are working diligently on improving.
  • Never confront what the person said directly or engage in a back and forth argument for everyone to see. Remember, these reviews are public, and other customers are looking at your reaction to see what kind of HVAC contractor you really are.
  • To help counteract any negative reviews, it is always wise to encourage positive ones. Place a note on your receipts or on your website asking your customers to write an honest review of your HVAC business.
  • Accept that everyone receives negative reviews. The true test is if you will handle them graciously and move on. As long as you can do that, the negative review shouldn’t cause any damage to your brand.

How We Can Help You Keep Your Customers Happy

As an HVAC supplier, we are dedicated to helping you be the best HVAC contractor you can be. This means being honest with your customer, taking care of any problems quickly, and never over-promising and under-delivering. To ensure you can provide the type of stellar customer service that warrants positive reviews, our website and mobile app contain the following features:

  • With our part finder, you can make sure that you are installing the right part the first time to avoid future problems.
  • If a customer calls you with broken equipment, you can easily check our site to see if it is covered under warranty.
  • Our mobile app allows you to effortlessly pull up product information, including availability, on the go, so what you are portraying to the customer will always be accurate.

At CE, our goal as an HVAC supplier is to make the job of an HVAC contractor as straightforward as possible. By providing you with ample resources and high-quality products, you can be sure that your reputation will remain intact. To learn more about our services for HVAC contractors, contact us today.

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