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CE Now Offers VRF and Ductless Training for HVAC Contractors

VRF and ductless HVAC systems are relatively new on the scene, and as an HVAC contractor, it can be intimidating to recommend these products to your customers if you don’t fully understand how they function.As ACHR News points out, with proper VRF and Ductless training, you can gain the knowledge you need to feel confident in offering these incredible technologies to your clients.  Therefore, in order to ensure we are providing our customers the most comprehensive VRF and Ductless Training Programs in the marketplace, Carrier Enterprise is proud to announce that our VRF and Ductless classes are open!  These classes are for all Sales Engineers, Territory Managers, Carrier and Bryant Dealers, Mechanical Engineers, Architects and Building Owners.  The CE National Training Center in Carrollton Texas is a state of the art training facility offering a complete VRF and Ductless curriculum. Our Product and Application, Installation, and our Hands on Commissioning and Service classes are undeniably, industry leading training programs. These classes are in-depth, facilitation programs that have been developed to completely educate those who attend. Our goal is to set ourselves apart from other manufacturers, bring back industry standards, as well as showcase our products and complete corporate capabilities with an added bonus of having these classes both Distributor FAD and NATE approved.

About the HVAC Contractor Training Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to empower all those who attend!  These modules are not your standard training events covering the basics.  These individual classes dig deep into the WHY and HOW our VRF and Ductless systems operate; how they must be applied, installed and serviced.  The program stresses that success comes ONLY when one fully understands that VRF and Ductless products are applied products that operate similarly to computers and current industry techniques and habits may not apply to this technology.

We offer three separate VRF trainings depending on what you feel like you need more education in—if you are brand new to VRF, we recommend all three (see complete details here.) :

  • Product and Application: This two-day VRF training goes into the details of VRF technology, including the criteria required for VRF design, the important calculations you won’t want to miss, and hands-on software training.
  • Installation: With this one-day comprehensive session, you will learn the ins and outs of installation, including what tools you need, all of the parts and supplies that are required, and the many design guidelines you must follow for an effective system.
  • Controls: Another one-day session, this VRF training is all hands on, letting you learn first-hand how all of the controls operate in detail so you can be fully confident in the process.

Ductless Training Details

We offer four full-day ductless training sessions to ensure you know all of the ins and outs of ductless equipment and the technology behind them. The four specific ductless trainings cover:

  • Product & Application
  • One-to-One Installation
  • Multi-Split Installation
  • Hands-on Service/Troubleshooting

VRF and ductless are taking the HVAC industry by storm, and now is your chance to boost your knowledge and stand apart from your competitors. Our HVAC training sessions have limited seating, so make sure to reserve your spot today, so that you can gain the confidence you need to sell and install these incredible systems. There is absolutely no substitute for full-blown educational programs that empower an organization to lead change in an industry that has been stagnant with on / off, solid-state, driven technology of the past. Our VRF and ductless offerings when combined with a complete understanding of the products will propel you, the dealer and mechanicals, to sustainable growth and prove that you are the leader supporting this advanced technology.

To see the most current VRF and DLS training opportunities at Carrier Enterprise—access the link below:

2017 North Texas VRF Ductless Training Schedule Click Here

For any other questions regarding these HVAC contractor trainings, or any of the ductless and VRF products we offer, contact us now.

Thank you to Rod Cory for your guidance on this topic

VRF and Ductless Training Programs:

Product and Application: 2 full days covering VRF technology, components protecting the system, inverter theory, product review, the importance of load calculations, design criteria, applying the product and hands on training covering the selection software used to design specific systems.

Installation: 1 full day covering product review, load calculation review outlining corrected capacities based on design conditions and piping variations, detailed installation specifics covering the outdoor, indoor, flow selector boxes, piping, wiring, controls, tools needed, hands on selection software assuring an “as-built” for pipe size, refrigerant charge and to assure pipe rules are with-in system design guidelines, basic commissioning, basic controls and DN code set-up.

Distributor FAD hours: 7

Controls: 1 full day hands on training covering the creation software tool needed to build system files for the central controller, touch screen controller, BacNet, mini BacNet including set-up, operation of each controller and more.

Distributor FAD hours: 7