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Proud to Now Provide HVAC Purchasing to E&I Members

E&I: Succeeding in the Education Vertical

The education vertical is one that’s constantly under pressure to over perform; unfortunately, while every institution consistently is pushing to raise the bar on performance, they are not immune to the fierce scrutiny on tightening budgetary requirements.  Constrained resources coupled with the need for services to maintain safe and productive day-to-day operations, all make finding a strong alliance necessary.

That’s where E&I, a non-profit purchasing cooperative, comes in. Dedicated solely to serving the education vertical, this member-owned group works together with business partners to ensure that higher education, K-12, and related educational institutions have the services they need to succeed at rates they can afford. To do so, E&I leverages the buying power of its vast membership to negotiate contracts with the best suppliers in order to meet the budgets of educational institutions. The cooperative works with the most trusted companies in their respective industries in order to meet the complex regulatory compliances of all facets of serving industries.

As an E&I business partner, Carrier Enterprise is able to provide E&I members with far-reaching value beyond its traditional, wide-product offering. The partnership with the 4,500-plus E&I members is intended to impact all niches of the HVAC purchasing experience from product and services pricing, to processing costs and efficiencies.

Here are some of the benefits delivered to members:

Access to extensive products and services.

With access to HVAC equipment including air conditioning, indoor air quality equipment, thermostats and all necessary materials, replacement parts, and supplies, institutions can pick and choose what they need and know the brand they are purchasing is reliable and backed by a vendor they can trust!

Expert support and insights.

CE’s service offering also delivers all necessary support for customers and end-users including webinars, training, inventory management and analysis, as well as in depth recommendations to improve costs and efficiencies.

Easier, more streamlined purchasing.

With a competitive RFP process that was vetted for these educational institutions, it’s not only faster to get projects started and completed, but also frees up time for staff to focus on important issues within the school systems while CE handles the product and service specific requirements.

If you’re looking for more information on E&I and how they serve the needs of institutions or how you can participate in the program, visit www.eandi.org. To learn more and sign up for E&I’s contract with CE, visit www.eandi.org/contracts/carrier-enterprise.