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Tips for Selling Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment to Homeowners

As an HVAC contractor, you know how hard it can be to convince your customers to upgrade their HVAC equipment to more energy efficient models. You know how amazing these products are not only for saving money, but also for how they impact the environment. Getting customers to commit to the upfront costs can be challenging, though. Here is a look at just how much energy efficient equipment can save your customers, as well as additional benefits you can point out to help them make the change.

How Much Money Can Efficient HVAC Equipment Save?

First and foremost, your customers want to know just how much they can save with upgraded HVAC equipment. And as you know, the answer to this is not cut and dry. There are so many variables involved that it can be hard to give a precise answer. However, there are some things you can point out to your customers to make it simpler:

  • There is a difference between HVAC equipment with the Energy Star label and those that simply have the EnergyGuide label. All new HVAC equipment has to have the EnergyGuide label by law, and all it does is estimate how much energy consumption that particular appliance will require. On the contrary, the Energy Star label is only given to the HVAC equipment with the highest energy efficiencies within their product category—these are the appliances that will really make a difference.
  • The size of the appliance matters. Your customer will not want to choose an air conditioner, water heater, etc. that is too large for their needs because it will use up too much energy. Help the homeowner select the heating and cooling equipment that provide just enough power to be effective.
  • Since energy savings accumulates over time, you need to remind the homeowner that patience is key. Every month, their utility bills will be slightly lower, but overtime, these small savings can add up to a lot. For example, it is estimated that replacing a SEER 6 air conditioner with a SEER 14 model can reduce energy usage by 56%.
  • Energy is a variable cost, and rates can change without warning. However, your customer knows exactly how much they are paying when they purchase new HVAC equipment from you. By planning for the larger expense now (with dealer financing if necessary), they can reduce the amount spent on unplanned rate fluctuations in the future.

Other Important Benefits

While pointing out the cost savings of energy efficient HVAC equipment is a top selling point, it is important to mention the other reasons to upgrade as well. For example, when an appliance uses less electricity, it benefits the environment. Additionally, new heating and cooling equipment will make sure the home stays more comfortable year round. Upgraded HVAC equipment is also usually more efficient at cleaning the air as it processes it, improving indoor air quality.

When you believe in the multiple benefits of energy efficient HVAC equipment, you can better represent the upgrade to your customers. For more tips on why every home should be equipped with efficient heating and cooling equipment, contact CE now.