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Comparing HVAC Systems

AHRI System Builder Makes Comparing HVAC Systems a Breeze

Customers are rarely satisfied with just one recommendation for an HVAC system. Instead, they want to see options. They want to view the least expensive option to the most expensive option, and they want to be able to easily compare the differences so they can make the best choice for their needs and budgets. In the past, putting together these comparisons took a lot of effort and time; however, with the AHRI System Builder, it’s as simple as a few clicks.

Show Clients the Good, Better, and Best HVAC System with Ease

With the AHRI System Builder, all you have to do is input the customer’s requirements, and you will be shown several HVAC systems that meet their specific needs. At a glance, you will be able to effortlessly demonstrate to your customer the good, better, and best options, in a variety of price points and efficiency standards.

By displaying the AHRI ratings for these HVAC systems, your customer will get the big picture—because, as contractors know, the more expensive option up front is often the least expensive long-term due to increased efficiency and rebates. When your customer has all of the data in front of them, they can easily choose between different levels of HVAC systems, and they will know exactly what they will be getting with the option they select.

Finalize the Transaction Within the AHRI System Builder

Once your client has compared the pros and cons and decided on an HVAC system, the rest of the transaction is simple. With the AHRI System Builder, you can instantly check inventory levels in real time, can see the current prices, and then place an order within the tool. The AHRI System Builder will show you all of the required accessories to make sure there are no surprises on install day, and it will even point out HVAC equipment upgrade options for your client to improve their system.

As an HVAC contractor, your clients are depending on your expertise to recommend the best HVAC system for their wants, needs, and budget. With the AHRI System Builder, you can now show them all of their options in an easy-to-read format so they can make a quick, educated decision and you can move on to the ordering and installation process. Just imagine how time-saving it will be to avoid spending hours manually computing all of these options for your client. To learn more about our HVAC systems, or to try the AHRI System Builder yourself, contact us now.