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5 Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Many customers care about indoor air quality, but may not know the options available for improving it. “One of the hardest parts of selling products that clean up the indoor air for customers is initiating the conversation,” said Josh Pulis of Air Knight. After surveying the climate inside your customer’s home, and speaking with them about their issues, you can select from one (or more) of these five ways to improve their indoor air quality.

Filter the Air with Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Standalone air cleaners and purifiers are one of the most convenient ways to improve the air quality in your customer’s home. They come in many sizes, varieties, and power capabilities, so you can select one that fits in a convenient place while effectively handling the amount of air in the space. By using highly rated filters, a standalone air purifier is able to trap and remove the majority of the mold, pollen, dust, virus, and bacteria particles in the air.

Upgrade Air Filters with Higher MERV Ratings

If your customer wants a quick and easy fix, upgrading the air filters that are integrated into their HVAC system is the best option. By selecting air filters with higher MERV ratings, you will be able to provide your customers with complete filtration against allergens and harmful microbial substances.

Ensure Proper Humidity Levels with Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Indoor air quality is greatly impacted by the humidity level. In some homes, the humidity will be too low, and in others, it will be too high. Luckily, there is a solution for both:

  • Dry Air – With a humidifier, you can easily remedy air that is too dry. By adding in controlled moisture, you can give your customers air that will help them breathe easy instead of drying out their skin, nasal passages, and sinuses.
  • Wet Air – When there is too much moisture, another slew of issues arise, such as mold and bacteria growth. With a dehumidifier, you can effortlessly remove the excess moisture in the air to return it to the ideal level for optimal health.

Kill Germs with UV Lights

If your clients are serious about improving their indoor air quality, a germicidal UV light is an excellent addition to a high-quality air filtration system. Instead of just filtering out the bad toxins and substances, a UV light will actually kill them. Many UV lights also include IPG (Ionized Particle Gathering) technology, which encourages the positive and negative ions in the air to gather together, which will improve the efficiency of the existing HVAC system tenfold. Josh Pulis of Air Knight notes, “Germicidal UV lights keep the customer’s cooling coil clean and free of buildup that will reduce the system’s efficiency over time. “

Let Fresh Air In with a Ventilator

In many homes, it is nearly impossible to properly eradicate stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air. This results in the harmful pollutants and unpleasant odors being trapped in the home. With a ventilator, the air exchange can be completed with ease, making sure fresh air is coming in and old air is going out.

To learn more about the different ways that you can improve the indoor air quality for your clients, contact CE today.