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A Closer Look at the VRF System at Island Storage Suites

Case Study: Island Storage Suites

A true car enthusiast demands the best for their cars. That means top-of-the-line performance, sleek and uncompromising style, pinpoint accuracy in the handling, and unbridled speed and acceleration. As a collector, the best vehicle storage is also expected, meaning you need an exceptional place to store it – a place that not only protects the car but showcases the vehicle. 

The Island Storage Suites project in Fort Myers, Florida, is a unique, exceptional storage facility for enthusiasts. In order to deliver this project and meet the demands of car enthusiasts, the owner of the Island Storage Suites turned to the CE team for a high-efficiency, ductless HVAC system. 

A Closer Look at the Island Storage Suites

The Island Storage Suites were designed to provide everything a car enthusiast would want. Each unit in the Island Storage Suites would consist of a large, customizable garage space that is large enough to park and work on a recreational vehicle or several cars. Above the garage, there will be a loft space, which includes a kitchenette, a restroom, high-speed internet access, and enough room for relaxing.  

From the beginning, the owner imagined the Island Storage Suites as more than just a garage. It would be a community for like-minded collectors. The Island Storage Suites required comfortable and efficient cooling, as well as flexibility for each of the units. The garage and loft areas would also have different requirements depending on the needs of the user. 

The Island Storage Suites project was not an easy one, especially with such demanding residents. But with CE’s team and the Carrier technology, it provided the perfect solution. 

Delivering Customized Comfort with Carrier Technology  

CE teamed up with FBI Air, a company based in Lehigh Acres, Florida, for the Island Storage Suites project. The team proposed a DFS, or ductless, HVAC option. The system would use variable refrigerant flow (VRF) as the heating and cooling medium and a condensing unit outside would supply cooling to the individual indoor units. This would allow individual temperature control for each unit and it would deliver variable heating and cooling for both the garage areas and the loft units. When complete, users would be able to adjust the temperature to be cooler in the work area, and warmer in the loft where they could relax. 

After reviewing the options, the owner selected the CE team and FBI Air. In the final project, a 70 multi-head DFS system was installed across seven buildings in addition to five single-phase VRF heat pump units to round out the HVAC system for the Island Storage Suites. 

Community Space in the Island Storage Suites

The Island Storage Suites deliver comfort for even the most demanding car enthusiast. Using the DFS/VRF option provides users with the flexibility to customize the space to their comfort. The high-efficiency, quiet system provides a flexible heating and cooling solution for every unit while reducing costs. It provides enough power and options as the Island Storage Suites continue to grow and add more units.