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Product Spotlight: i-Vu Building Automation System

Take Control of Your Commercial HVAC Equipment With The New i-Vu® Equipment Touch

For faculty and administrative managers looking to take further control over the commercial HVAC equipment running throughout the building, the i-Vu Equipment Touch from Carrier provides exactly that. With a high-resolution, touchscreen display, the i-Vu Equipment Touch provides the in-depth monitoring and real-time information needed to ensure that the HVAC equipment runs at optimal levels. From identifying potential issues within a commercial building’s air conditioning system to boosting the cost efficiency of the entire system, this touchscreen display aims to change how building managers and technicians monitor HVAC performance.

Tech Specs of the i-Vu Equipment Touch

Depending on what the building needs, the i-Vu Equipment Touch comes in three different display screen sizes:

  • The TruVu™ ET 4 is a 4.3-inch, 480 x 272 display, taking advantage of 128 ppi.
  • The step up is the TruVu™ ET 7 is a 7-inch display with 1024 x 600 lines of resolution and 170 ppi.
  • The largest of the three displays is the TruVu™ ET 10 display. This 10.1-inch screen has 1280 x 800 lines of resolution and 149 ppi.

All three of the display monitors are water-, dust-, and vibration-resistant. This way, no matter the working environment, the equipment will provide optimal performance.

Using the i-Vu Equipment Touch

The functionality of the i-Vu Equipment Touch is similar to a tablet computer. It offers a pinch-to-zoom feature, which can increase the visibility of displayed information. This way, no matter the screen size or the operator using the equipment, the information on the screen can be adjusted to best fit the needs of the user.

The touch display provides access to all HVAC runtime information, a real-time analysis of the equipment, and even established parameters set up by property technicians. It is also possible to bring up trend graphs, allowing technicians and building managers to compare energy consumption or to look for shifts in performance.

The i-Vu Equipment Touch allows for operating parameters to be configured, schedules to be established, and alarms to be set. Additionally, to ensure only those with granted permission use the equipment, the varying TruVu ET display supports multilevel password protection for improved security, and has several different language options to best suit the user.

New Equipment For Commercial Properties

When providing upgraded HVAC equipment for commercial properties, service providers need to strive for both functionality and ingenuity. The TruVu ET i-Vu Equipment Touch displays provide both.

For more information on training and certification for the entire i-Vu system, contact CE today.