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How to Make a Mini-Split Blend in with a Home’s Interior Design

Because of their energy efficiency, ease of installation, and low cost to install, ductless mini-splits are one of the greatest HVAC options for homeowners today. Even with this in mind, some consumers are hesitant to go the ductless route because the most common option, the high wall unit, has to be mounted where it is visible within the room. Some homeowners feel like this gets in the way of their interior design aesthetics; however, there are ways you can integrate the wall units into the customer’s home design so they don’t have to choose between form and function. As long as you make sure to put the unit up high enough and ensure it has ample airflow around it, there are many options available for your customers:

Make the Wall Match

While you can’t paint the ductless wall unit itself, you can absolutely have the customer paint the wall. By making the unit closely match the color of the wall, the unit will be much less obvious. Work with the homeowner to review their color preferences and existing wall colors, and let them know that the units can be purchased in the most common wall-paint colors, including gray, white, or cream. And always make sure the homeowner knows not to put the paint directly on the unit after you leave.

Choose an Inconspicuous Location

As you know, in order for a high wall unit to work properly and effectively heat and cool the extent of the space, it must be placed up high on the wall to ensure it has ample airflow. This means it can’t be hidden behind a sofa or a bookshelf. However, you can choose the placing of the wall unit strategically so that it is on the wall opposite of the focal point. This will draw the attention away from the unit, as visitors will notice the large artwork or fireplace instead.

Design Shelving Units

As mentioned, a ductless wall unit needs to have plenty of clearance around all sides so that it can get proper airflow for operation. But that doesn’t mean shelving is out of the question. By strategically placing free-standing shelves around and below the unit, it will stand out less. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s clearance recommendations so it works properly.

The good news is that mini-split systems are modern and sleek in their design, so even if you don’t find a way to make it completely blend in, your customers will grow accustomed to it quickly—and you know they will love the bill they get as a result. In most instances, the wall unit just becomes part of the home, and the homeowner will wonder what they were even worried about in the first place (kind of like they did when they first got a big TV). To learn more about the different ductless unit options available for homeowners, including our selection of high wall unit mini-splits, contact CE now.