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Making Social Media Work For Your HVAC Business

Over recent years, social media has become increasingly popular, not only in social circles, but also as an integral component of business marketing. Today, even presidential hopefuls use it as a way to get their messages out! Exactly, what is social media? If you Google the term, you’ll find almost countless definitions. In short, social media connects people through online communications. This may take place through such sites and apps as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, some people consider all electronic media, such as blogs like this one and even company websites to be social media components. In spite of how you define this relatively new trend, it is definitely here to stay, and not just for 20-somethings and younger. Businesses of all sizes in all industries are regularly using social media to connect with their current and potential customers. In the HVAC industry, social media is an excellent way to keep your business top-of-mind in regard to such things as trends, what’s new on the market, and tips for more efficient and effective troubleshooting. If you want to build a leading-edge marketing program, don’t omit this important tool!