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Matching HVAC Systems is Made Easy with the AHRI System Builder

Building HVAC systems for your customer is a daunting process, to say the least. From researching each individual product, to testing compatibilities, to figuring out accessories, and so much more, it’s safe to say you are spending way more time and effort matching HVAC systems than you would like. Now, with the help of the AHRI System Builder from CE, you can streamline the process of building HVAC systems, allowing you to get more work done in less time.

Three Different Approaches

The most amazing thing about the AHRI System Builder is that it gives you three different ways to approach the process of matching HVAC systems. Depending on what information you already have, you can effortlessly design an efficient, fully compatible HVAC system for your client.

  • Start with a Model Number – If you or your customer has a specific piece of equipment in mind, then you can begin the process of matching HVAC systems by entering the exact model number of that equipment. Then, you will be shown all of the AHRI-certified HVAC systems that are compatible with it.
  • Begin with Specs of the Customer’s Property – If your customer doesn’t request specific equipment, but they have requirements in regards to performance levels, this is your best approach. Choose which type of HVAC system you are building (such as heating or cooling only, heating and cooling together, ductless systems, or packaged systems), as well as the performance preferences, and you can see all of the HVAC systems that will meet the customer’s needs.
  • Lead with the AHRI Number – Thirdly, if you already have an AHRI certification number, you can simply input it and be shown its current status and applicable models.

Complete the Transaction with Ease

Once you have completed the now simplified process of building an HVAC system, you can easily check current inventory levels, pricing, and required accessories right in the System Builder. That’s right; no more forgotten accessories that delay installation. We will show you any optional accessories that can further enhance your customer’s experience, making for an easy upsell opportunity. You can also choose between shipping and delivery and have the order processed right then and there.

Additionally—and perhaps one of the most exciting features—is that the AHRI System Builder can help you with matching HVAC systems both at the office and on the go. Using your tablet or smart phone, you can easily build an HVAC system right on the jobsite with your customer by your side. You can make the most out of your lunch break by building HVAC systems in your work truck, or you can take the traditional route and do the designing at your desk.

Whatever option you choose, you will appreciate how easy the process of matching HVAC systems can be. It may even be life changing. To learn more about the features in our AHRI System Builder, contact us now.