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Carrier Launches the Most Efficient Air Conditioner You Can Buy

Introducing the Most Efficient Air Conditioner in the USA

The HVAC industry is abuzz as Carrier unveils what is sure to be a life changer for customers and contractors alike. Carrier is renowned for being an innovator, and this new, single-zone ductless system is the pinnacle of their work thus far. Featuring 9,000 BTUh, this unit is the only one available in North America that carries a 42 SEER rating. But the SEER rating is only part of what makes this system so impressive. Here is a closer look at the incredible features found within the 42 SEER rating air conditioner by Carrier. 

Extreme Efficiency 

Clearly, the unheard of SEER rating of this ductless single-zone system is one of its main selling points. The SEER rating is determined by the US Department of Energy based on how efficient a system is during its peak season usage. The higher the rating, the better the efficiency. The average SEER rating sold today is around 20 SEER, so with a 42 SEER, this is officially the most efficient option for homeowners in the US. The unit also has an energy savings mode for even more efficiency. When engaged, the operating speed of the equipment is automatically adjusted to correctly match the demand.  

Incredible Flexibility 

Backed by 9,000 BTUh, this single-zone system is able to provide effective heating and cooling over a wider range of temperatures than most other HVAC units. It can heat down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit with 100% capacity, and it can cool down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit with 100% capacity. 

Integrated Humidity Control  

Many HVAC units can help control humidity, but none of them offer as much control as this 42 SEER unit. Just like customers pick a temperature they want the air to stay at, they can also choose the relative humidity level they prefer. The system then uses advanced sensors and an AI-type technology to make adjustments as needed to keep both the temperature and humidity level consistent within the home. 

Movement Sensor 

By using infrared technology, this ductless unit is able to determine when a room is occupied and when it is empty. When it can tell there is no one in the space, it will automatically adjust its usage, so energy isn’t wasted.  

Wi-Fi Capabilities 

This air conditioning unit also comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, making it effortless to integrate with all of the latest smart technologies, including both Apple and Android devices. There is no need to purchase add-on Wi-Fi accessories or use third-party connection options to be able to control the unit on the go. 

We know you are excited about the possibilities of this 42 SEER unit, and we know your customers will be too. To learn more about this incredible equipment, contact CE now. We would love to tell you all about the built-in features that make this the most advanced and most efficient air conditioner you can get.