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Mt Olive Baptist Church Gets Multi-Zone Ductless Upgrade

Case Study: Mt. Olive Baptist Church

The Mt. Olive Baptist Church has become a staple in Knoxville, Tennessee, but since it was built more than four decades ago, its HVAC system was lacking efficiency and the zone control they desired. With the help of Compass Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., the church was able to upgrade to a Carrier multi-zone ductless systems to keep their members and staff comfortable while reducing overhead expenses.

About the Mt. Olive Baptist Church

The Mt. Olive Baptist Church has been around since 1855, but in 1971, they reached a level of growth that required them to build their own large building for meetings and events. The church currently has over 1,000 members, so there are usually large gatherings of people in one space. Additionally, they have several smaller areas that are used for children’s activities, smaller study groups, and office buildings for the staff. As such, they have multiple room types that have their own HVAC needs.

The Goal: Zone Control & Minimal Floor Space

As mentioned, Mt. Olive Baptist Church is home to many different activities for both small and large crowds. They wanted to be able to effectively heat and cool only the areas that were occupied without wasting energy on the vacant ones. Their outdated system was also getting harder and harder to repair, as the parts were challenging to find. The church also wanted to reduce their overhead expenses by upgrading to an HVAC system that was more energy efficient.

The Solution: Multi-Zone Ductless Systems

After meeting with Tom Wall from the church, Gary Lusk of Compass Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee, recommended Carrier’s multi-zone ductless systems from CE. He knew that they would give them the control they desired while greatly reducing their energy expenses. What’s more, the units themselves are minimal in size, so the church would be happy that they would not have to give up their valuable floor space. After partnering with Tessi Gilmore at CE, Gary’s team was able to completely revamp the church’s HVAC system, installing 24 interior cassettes and nine exterior units that completely altered how they kept the building at a comfortable temperature.

The Results: Comfort and Efficiency

With their multi-zone ductless systems in place, the church couldn’t be happier with the results. They appreciate how they are able to heat and cool only the spaces that are occupied, and they love that Gary chose units with high SEER ratings to help them greatly minimize their energy use and lower their electric bill. With their new HVAC upgrade in place, Mt. Olive Baptist Church can move forward into the future confidently, knowing that they will be able to keep their members comfortable any time of year.