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New Toshiba Carrier VRF System Commissioned in the Heart of America

Update Your Properties HVAC System with Toshiba-Carrier’s New VRF System

For commercial property owners looking to upgrade their property’s HVAC system, Toshiba-Carrier recently released a new VRF system. Designed to reduce energy consumption and improve temperature control, this variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system with a digital inverter uses a twin-rotary compressor to deliver the desired temperature to all spaces of a large-scale property.

Recent Property Taking Advantage of Toshiba-Carrier VRF System

One of the most recent utilizations of the Toshiba-Carrier VRF system occurred at an installation on local church The Assembly of God of Windsor in Windsor, Missouri (25 miles southwest of Sedalia, Missouri). Religious facilities such as this church often have unique heating and cooling needs. The main congregational area of the church may only need to meet lower temperatures during the summer and higher temperatures during the winter a few times a week. However, meeting areas, offices, and educational space demand more frequent, but different heating and cooling requirements. Due to this, the church needs a system capable of delivering variable temperatures throughout the building and the Toshiba-Carrier VRF system is able to address these unique temperature needs.

Saving Money with the Toshiba-Carrier VRF

Because the new Toshiba-Carrier VRF utilizes twin-rotary compression to deliver the desired temperature to various areas of the church at varying times, the units are rarely fully operational. When comparing the previous traditional systems energy consumption with the new systems, this church should see substantial monetary savings over the course of a year.

Replacing Outdated HVAC Hardware

Many commercial owners avoid upgrading their property’s HVAC hardware due to the upfront cost of the new equipment. However, updating equipment with a system such as the Toshiba-Carrier VRF has the ability to deliver significant energy savings as soon as it is installed, typically, reducing this upfront financial investment.

In the case of the Missouri church, the Toshiba-Carrier VRF replaced outdated, inefficient HVAC split systems. The Toshiba-Carrier VRF system was designed to allow only those areas requiring heating or cooling to be operational where required; where sections of the old systems were operational even when no heating or cooling was required or wanted.  Because of this, there is no doubt that the Toshiba-Carrier VRF will help the building see a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency.

Offering the Toshiba-Carrier VRF to Your Commercial Clients

Commercial clients spend a considerable amount of money on heating and cooling their facilities. Offering reliable HVAC options for commercial facilities is critical. Toshiba-Carrier VRF systems can be very desirable options. With the variable refrigerant flow system, property owners can take advantage of the performance of twin rotary compressors, which improve energy efficiency while maintaining extremely comfortable temperatures throughout the building.

If you are a facility manager or a Commercial HVAC contractor looking for energy-efficient equipment that can solve difficult heating and cooling issues, Toshiba-Carrier VRF equipment is a great place to look! Contact CE if you’d like to get started today.